>a sad story..


Once upon a time, there was a girl who was heartbroken with her first love. She was lamenting on it when a guy friend came in the scene. They’ve been friends for a while but were not close, until the guy opened himself to her that drew them closer. Little did they notice that they were spending more time with each other together – on the phone, going for dinner or movie – without their other friends knowing it. Then the girl fell in love with another guy again. And then broke her heart again for the second time. But still, the guy friend was just on her side, telling her “you’ll get over him” for so many times.

As they spend more time together, the girl started to notice the little things this guy friend was doing to her. She told a common friend about it and was shocked to know that the common friend has always noticed those little things the guy friend was doing to the girl for quite some time now. The girl was advised to just enjoy the moment with this guy friend. They still go out alone together, sometimes with their friends knowing it, sometimes they don’t, and just enjoying every single time they are together. Truly, the guy makes the girl happy and special in simple ways and this set-up was just fine for the girl. Until after a while that they were going out, the guy went away. Actually, the girl knew where he was, she just didn’t know why he just stopped communicating with her. She tried to reach out but was rejected for so many times.

The girl has been trying to forget the whole scenario with the guy friend, until a few weeks after without any word from him, she received an invitation for them to go out, as if nothing has happened to them. The girl wants to say no, but she was thinking at that time that they were friends first, and probably he needs a friend at that moment, so she went out with him. This ran for quite some time until he went away again without a trace.

But when he came back to her life again after a long absence, she already knew that he met someone new. He became cold to her, as if they were not close friends before, and treating her as if nothing nice has happened to them before. And then, the girl was left wondering, what was everything that happened to them before all about? Did he just made her an option or he meant all the actions made to her?

The girl is now trying to gather herself again after the incident. Trying to justify the things happened to her. Putting up walls again, so that when she sees the guy friend once more, she will not be mesmerized by his charms again.

Many have predicted from the start that their story would end up with the “and they lived happily ever after” slogan. But never did anyone imagine that it would become a sad story as it is happening right now.


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