¿Qué haceme feliz ahora?

What makes me happy now?

you may ask me, why khyme?

sa oras ng paghihintay, ng walang kasiguraduhan, sa oras na magulo ang mundong kinagagalawan mo, kelangan mong i-divert ang atensyon mo ng hindi ka naman masiraan ng ulo. at napili ko na lang eh ang mga rason na nagpapasaya sa akin ngayon.

  • unexpected hugs from mi hermana, Dani (dahil nga hindi sila ganun ka-warm dito)
  • smell of sampaguita here in Costa Rica
  • meeting pinoys here and talking in non-stop tagalog
  • teaching tagalog to locals here
  • FREEBIES!!! (gratis en español)
  • arroz blanco y pollo frito (yum!)
  • bonding time with my different families here in Costa
  • trying to crack a joke in Spanish (hehe bumebenta pa rin)
  • uploading pictures
  • calls from my parents
  • hanging out with my co-missionaries
  • bonding time with Jovenes y Solteros Para Cristo aqui en Costa
  • prayer time and scripture time
  • sleep-overs with ate marie
  • playtime with Dani especially looking at pictures because it still amazes me that she loves Bonn so much even if they only met twice (the charm of Bonn to kids hehe)
  • long bus drives
  • overcoming situations wherein i needed to speak in pure Spanish
  • waking up early (an achievement!)
  • fixing our missionary files
  • placing tabs in my Bilingual Bible
  • reading books by Paulo Coelho
  • estudiando y hablando Español darme muchas energia y hacerme emocionada
  • healthy debates with jeoff
  • trying to share my life in Spanish with our househelp
  • looking at pictures
  • invitations from different members of the MPC community to come in their houses
  • washing plates and clothes
  • walking, walking and walking more
  • check the latest scoop in www.abs-cbn.com (hehe showbiz fanatic ako!)
  • pack, re-pack and re-pack more my luggage as if i’m leaving the next day (and i never get tired of this!)
  • my prayerbook in Spanish from St. Paul’s bookstore: muy caro pero esta bien, este esta mi tesoro =)
  • going to Puntarenas for the MPC allí
  • pag okay kami ng partner ko
  • smelling chocolates (porque este esta mi ayuno..)
  • reminiscing
  • ym with friends
  • waking up every morning knowing that God gave you another chance to live
  • and a good night rest

¡estoy feliz! =)


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