the power of one touch

I woke last Saturday morning feeling refreshed and alive after a good night sleep. I did my usual routines, checked if there’s breakfast because usually, I am the first one to wake up during weekends. But I was surprised to find my whole host family all dressed-up ready to go to their annual check-up. So after eating breakfast, I started washing the dishes and then I realized, I was all alone in our big house with only 2 dogs and a rabbit to accompany. I felt so homesick that I started to miss my family, my dog, my room, my friends, having a cell phone to text anybody (because during this time, our phone is still busted). I really wanted to go home. But I knew that I have to fight this loneliness. So I just prayed and prayed until the homesickness disappeared.

*  *  *  *  *

I attended the YFC assembly last Saturday evening. My co-missionary and I were feeling sentimental that evening, that we really didn’t have energy and desire to be so bubbly and friendly. But when I reached the venue and heard the voices of las chiquiticas (young tica girls) who were waiting for me, I knew that I have to forget my sentiments and be my ever-bubbly self. Usual faces greeted me and I was surprised to see new faces that night. (I learned later on that they were the part of the pioneering YFC members in Costa Rica). So I chatted with them, Nicolas and Mara, to practice my conversational Spanish and of course, to get to know them. New blood always excites me. Anyway, we started the assembly with an opening prayer. The night was fun even if there is no specific activity for the night aside from the mimic presentation for the conference, because we just bonded with each other through picture taking (with themes!), dancing, singing, getting to know each other.


It was time to go and said goodbye to almost everyone when I realized that I didn’t said my goodbyes to my new friends. And when I saw them, I said “¡Con mucho gusto para conocerles!. Entonces, hasta luego Mara y hasta en campamento Nicolas!” (It’s a pleasure to meet you! So, see you around Mara and see you in the camp Nicolas!) gave my goodbye kiss to them when suddenly, they just talked to me in a very fast Spanish that I couldn’t understand. So I called my ever reliable friend/translator, Mariela, to tell me in a more friendly-Spanish way that I could understand. I was surprised to know what they were saying: “Khymé, cuando ellos tocan sus manos durante del oración, ellos sienten diferente. Ellos sienten paz y positiva después. Su mal sentir nada todo. Solamente bueno sentir, paz y feliz. ¿Entiende?” (Khyme, when they touched your hand during the prayer, they felt different. They felt peace and positive after. All negative feelings disappeared. They just felt good, at peace and happy. Understand? –of course, this is my Spanish version ‘coz I couldn’t remember the exact words with correct grammar… jaja) I was amazed that all I said was “¡Gracias a Dios por eso!” (Thank God for that!)

*   *   *

I remembered how powerful a touch could be. When I am sick, I just want my mother’s touch on the specific area where there is pain and I feel better after. My students loved to be touched when they want an affirmation from me. Or when I am nervous giving a talk, especially in Spanish, I just need someone to hold my hands to calm me down.


I just had a moment of touching the hands of Mara and Nicolas. I think it was less than 2 minutes; but in that short span of time, they felt peace; in that short span of time, they felt better; in that short span of time, they felt “healed” from whatever negative feelings they had that time.


I realized that that’s what happened to the woman who bled profusely for the last 12 years of her life. She just touched Jesus’ cloak, and because of her faith, all the bleeding had stopped. I believed that’s what happened to me and the 2 youths: because of their faith, they were healed, and because of my faith that God will use me, I became an instrument.

*   *   *

I still miss my family. I still feel homesickness every now and then. But moments like these remind me of the time God has called me to be His co-missionary and it makes me feel better and confident that He will take care of me and those who are dear to me. That moment with Nicolas and Mara is like God touching my heart and healing me from whatever negative emotions that I was feeling that morning.



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