complete trust

i just proved again how God has really taken care of His children more than i expected of.

edna and i went home very late because of the recollection. (since 8 p.m here is already late, imagine that we arrived our house at 11 pm) only to find out there is no one opening the gate for us. we’ve been pushing the doorbell for 15 minutes and no answer. it was raining and you feel alone and frustrated of what is happening. praise God for the police car who passed by, i was able to call one of SFC member here to fetch us.

we waited for fede for 30 minutes. honestly, we were frustrated of what’s happening: we’re already tired, need to pack things and finish last minute preps for the conference. but we can’t go inside the house. we just decided to pray the rosary while waiting for fede.

it is hard to understand the situation after a long day of work. all you wanted to do is just to take a hot shower and rest. but no, we felt like we’re palaboys, nowhere to go and sleep. but God has more than we asked for. not only He rotected us from the rain and sleeping in the streets, He has provided us  very nice home, wit a warm faily, hot chocolate, clothes and a free internet! and what’s better is that, the thing that i needed to work on is right here!

truly, God is a god of wonders and surprises. the kawawa experience llowed me to trust Him more that He will deliver us from sleeping in the streets. I was just affirmed that things like this or worst could come in my mission, but i don’t have to worry because God has got me covered.

now, i’m using fede’s interent, and getting sleepier actually. but i couldn’t sleep yet without writing how my God has tested my faith and surprised me at the same time.

by the way, this afternoon, God also answered my prayer ask and you shall receive… i prayed for food (de lata) and He gave me carbonara, salad and juice free! talka about God’s blessings!


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