HIGHs and LOWs

One of my favorite activities with Anna Marie is our mission household every Monday. Even if we live in the same house, sleeps in the same room and always do things together most of the time, we always save Monday for this special activity. Our routine is like this: exhortacion, worship, sharing of highs and lows for the week, household topic, then the service meeting and close it with a prayer.

But last weekend, we went on a provincial mission and was just on our way home yesterday. We were dead tired and knew that we had no time to have our household when we arrive home, so we decided to just have our semi-household during the trip.

Usually, we only have 5 highs and 5 lows every mission household but the provincial mission gave us too many highs and we ended up giving our top 10 highs for the provincial mission trip (and we just minimized our lows into top 3 since we didn’t have too many).

Here are my top 10 Highs for the just concluded mission trip:

  1. Seeing the MPC/CFC members from the 3 provinces of MPC, all together for the first time in this PVC/CLP. (It’s like a mini conference). These Tios and Tias traveled for 2 hours just to give their support in a ny form for this new place of evangelization, since there are just 2 couples who started the PVC/CLP in that area
  2. Serving with 28 kids for 2 days and having fun with them through singing, games and sharings. (the PVC/CLP invites here includes their children so that the couples/handmaids can attend). My most favorite activity was about friends, wherein they gave 3 papers to anyone in the group: a thank you, a sorry and an i-want-to-know-you-more. It was interesting to hear their sharings and some of them are: Thank you because you make me smile; Sorry because i pulled your hair and called you ugly; and I want to know you more because i think you are nice. I received 1 thank you and 2 sorrys (in which, supposedly i shouldn’t…): thank you for taking care of us and all the activities that you have prepared for us and sorry for not listening and following instructions.
  3. For my first host family in Costa Rica, whom until now, considers me as part of their family. For Tio Ricardo for being sensitive of our hunger and looked for food for our raging stomachs; for Tia Leti for accompanying us during the first day with kids and helping us with some of the games; and for Daniela for being proud in introducing me as her older sister (and you can see the look in the faces of the children and hear their hows)
  4. Confession in English (okay, and it was also a question-and-answer discussion. thank you Fr. Reynaldo of Upala)
  5. In this mission trip, we traveled in a car with Tio Julio and Tia Cecilia (because normally, we travel on bus)
  6. Bonding with 3 titas from Upala: Tia Jenny, Tia Magdalena and Tia Marcelina
  7. Staying at the house of Cindy and Marcos (the hardworking couple who made the PVC possible), hearing them share how they have waited on god’s perfect time for their own encounter with Him and how MPC/CFC have changed their lives
  8. Stayed at Tio Juan and Tia Naru’s house, had a good time with them ate Thai food and really bonded with their kids-Johnny and Ale (they were my host family in Heredia but they needed to move to Liberia for Tio Juan’s work)
  9. A hug and an i-miss-you-khyme from Johnny. I really felt loved by him because when i was living with them, i never received a hug from him, hence if i ask for it, since he isn’t expressive unlike Ale. Probably because we haven’t seen each other for some time, and that did the trick.
  10. Fried chicken and warm rice during the first night that we were dead hungry!

Truly God knows me personally, knows the desires of my heart and what would really make me happy. Even if i get disappointed and frustrated at times here in the mission, God continuously affirms me of my calling to be his living testimony here in Costa Rica through the people He places in my way and allowing me to experience Him daily through everything that He is providing me.

As what Fr. Reynaldo said during our discussion; In the mission, sometimes you will get frustrated and disappointed by the people you serve or the situations you’re in. But everytime you feel this, just pray, and continue to do what you are supposed to do.

and wit this, may God be praised!


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