Dave made me cry…

this morning, i had the chance to watch Ray Pingoy’s talk and Dave’s sharing in the USA CFCFFL-youth conference last weekend. i didn’t have the chance to watch it in live telecast since we didn’t have any computer that time. i learned from teny, my co-Latamary in Peru that Dave shared so i watched the video anyway.

Dave is such a darling to us Latamaries (Latin American Missionaries). He always have a ready smile, a wisdom like a priest (hehehe) and a heart as big as his stomach (peace bro). We love him dearly. He inspires so much people with the way he lives his life, he speaks about his faith and how he fights for our God for whatever it cost. so when we learned that he will be sent for US for the conference season, we can’t help but cheer him up (and asked him to bring us a long list of pasalubongs… jeje)

Seeing Dave on stage in front of many youth gathered with the same spirit when he speaks Spanish, brought smile in my face. And when he started sharing about the mission here in Latin America and a video shown about the LatAm mission, it made me cry… It made me remembered the first time I said YES to God that i’m going to be a missionary. it made me remembered the first months of my stay here in Costa Rica, struggling with my Spanish and studying everyday to make it better. i remembered the first time i shared in Spanish in a CFC/HOLD CLP and i was holding a script of my sharing. i remembered the first time i served with 38 kids alone, with only a few spanish words and yet enjoyed every moment with them through the same love that we have with God. i remembered those nameless faces of tios and tias, singles, youth and kids who kept telling me how blessed they are to have us missionaries in their areas. i remembered those sleepless nights, hungry stomachs, mission arguments and tired bodies replaced by a hundred thanks yous and tight hugs from the people that you serve…

indeed, the mission life is a road less traveled. it’s not as easy as what people sees it to be. sometimes they think that we’re leading a happy-go-lucky life but we don’t. we fight to save souls. we fight for our faith. we fight for our God. and these fights are unseen, these fights are harder since you are not fighting only for yourself; you are fighting for others. sometimes, these people that you are fighting for are the same people who disappoints you, rejects you and fails you. sometime syou ask God why He has sent you in the battlefield, why you among the many soldiers He has. sometimes you feel tired and want to give up. but remembering the call, the privilege to be in the mission, and how Christ has saved me… every tear, every sweat, every blood (and mosquito bite) are worth it all. i will never trade this moment with anything else because i am experiencing the fullness of life, the abundance of God’s grace and every day is an opportunity to either share His cross or witness His miracle.

so Dave, thank you for being the voice of Latin America mission. thank you for your heart, your love and passion to serve God. and thank you for just being an inspiration to all of us. =)


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