one-day perfect vacation

the past few months have been tiring for me and Anna Marie here in our mission area, so we decided to take a break. but since we couldn’t take a long vacation (for so many reasons), we just had a one-day vacation in Liberia, Guanacaste, at the house of Tio Juan and Tia Naru Lopez (my host family before).

what’s my idea of vacation? since we moved to our apartment 4 months ago, it has been only Anna Marie’s face that i’ve been seeing (it’s not that i’m complaining, i’m enjoying actually!). so being with a family, a real family is a really BIG blessing for us. so even if we woke up at the sound of Alejandro tapping our door and shoutings outside the room very early morning, i’m happy because even for a day, i woke up knowing that i’m with a family.

four months without t.v. in the apartment sometimes makes me a crazy (since i’m a t.v. addict) but got used to it anyway. but last night, when we arrived here in Liberia, i asked permission to watch till i drop dead to watch t.v. and how happy i was watching all night news in CNN, movies and t.v. series in WB channel.

being without a computer for two months is very difficult in the mission especially doing your paper work. for a day, we have separate computers, all day access in the internet, watching videos in you tube, the just concluded CFCyouth-FFL US conference (and Dave, you made me cry!!!) uploading pictures, and email to death.

aside from that, the house is air-conditioned, they had a cute dog who loves licking your face while praying with closed eyes and everyone speaks English!!!

during our lunch this afternoon, Tia Naru taught us how to make sushi!!! i did 3 rolls (but not perfectly done since it’s my first time..) and ate till i felt that my button pants are opening. (i love wasabe)

the day isn’t finished yet, but i know there are more to come. we’re going to watch a movie tonight, eat Thai food and watch more t.v. shows. i know these are just simple and ordinary for other people, but for me, this is how God answered our wish for a perfect vacation. =)



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