the ice princess?

“you don’t need a castle khymee, because i have built a castle just for you in my heart”

i just gave my guy friend (who kept on pestering me for a year already) a cold look and said “you know (his name), that your trick doesn’t move me a bit”. and he said “khymee, i’m trying to be sweet to you and yet you keep on pushing me away. you know what, you have a cold heart”.

i started thinking: do i really have a cold heart? or is it just him whom i really don’t want?

okay, i found it sweet. but he’s always doing that to me. and i believe, to everyone else. how can you believe someone, whose trying to convince you for a time that he’s the one but you’re being transparent to him that you don’t believe him? and he’s being transparent to you too that he just wanna have some game with you because you’re a foreigner and you’re a missionary? (he wants to prove to me that he can make me fall in love in the mission).

he once called me an ice princess because he couldn’t go through me with his tactics (hello, he’s a player!) and he even told me how did i become a missionary if i couldn’t fall in love with him (hope, he can realize what he’s saying).

is it me who have a cold heart or is it him who keeps on playing with my heart? (well, i know the answer)

i am not an ice princess, i am just careful. and he just don’t make my heart beat… =D




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