bonding with the Nica-naries

Anna Maria and I have been here in Nicaragua for  already 2 days, to renew our Costa rican visas. We arrived last Tuesday night, went to a birthday party of 2 of the JPC/YFC members here. (they’re twins)

Yesterday, we decided to eat outside (well, the food here is…. just try to be here and you’ll see). so together with the Nica-naries (Nicaraguan missionaries), KD and Bonn we went to Pizza Hut.

we tried to get hungry as possible for this extravagance, so when we were already there, we ordered a family size pizza (supreme and meat lovers), refillable iced teas and each one of us have pastas to eat. gluttony, that’s what we call it. hahaha

sharing, joking around, chismisan, mission related topics… it was fun! i was with my three good friends for 3 hours. and i loved every moment with them!

tonight, i think they will sleep with us in the house where we’re staying. of course, bonding, chikahan and joking until the wee hours because tomorrow, it’s time for Anna Marie and i to go back to Costa Rica. As if we’re not gonna see each other again. But the thing is, they’ll be there, crossing the fronteras too (just as we are) next week, and hopefully will live with us in the mission house for a week!!!

i love being with KD and Bonn. and  i’m so excited to be with my other co-latamaries hopefully in Panama in October (so let’s pray for our visas, dude!)


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