today is a perfect day!

today is  a perfect day for anna maria and me. for the first time this week, we arrived on time for the mass. then confession after. (i asked Fr. Roland if i could confess in english, just for a word that i can’t remember in spanish. but still, i ended speaking in spanish.. jaja). saw a Tia Caridad, a mom of our member whom we love very much. then, went to Tio Julio’s, our family ministries head, in which, everyday, is our route before going home (it’s either going to the bathroom, using their internet, print some materials, meeting or just plain kwentuhan). then had a good lunch (burger patties, fresh salad and pineapple shake!!! haha i know, it doesn’t match but when you miss hamburgers, this is a huge blessing!!) after, siesta in the afternoon (coz i couldn’t sleep at night… maybe my body is adjusting after a year.. haha) visited Tio Olman and Tia Margarita, got a free ride to our destination with their adorable children – Raquel and Cristofer (we were like a big family going to a doctor’s visit!). visited the Villegas-Murillo family and had a great time with them! even if we have to eat sandwich with avocado and coffee without milk, it’s worth it because we are enjoying a wonderful time with a family (they’re not even members of the community and yet, they treat us like we’re one of them!). after two hours of sharing and laughter, visited Tia Nora and accompanied her to the mass (even if it’s our second one). saw Esteban, one of our SFL members, and he agreed to be part of the service team for our upcoming CLP. talked to Luis, a godd friend and another SFL member and hopefully will accompany us to our pilgrimage tomorrow.

it may be an ordinary day for anyone who’s reading this entry but for us, it is  a perfect day. being with families, starting your day right (with a mass and a good confession) and being able to share and laugh hard without thinking what these people will think about you… it is such a perfect day! simple joys…. that makes our heart smile…

and to make it an extraordinarily perfect day for us, God heard our prayers: it didn’t rain!!! (‘coz yesterday, the rain poured like there’s no tomorrow!)

thank God for this perfect day! =)


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