ovarian cyst and contraceptive pills

last friday, i finally decided to give in to Marie’s prompting for me to see a gynecologist. i wasn’t so keen of going, actually, since my first visit to the gynecologist wasn’t a good experience. so, since we didn’t go to Panama, then why not just spend it in a good cause? so we went.

i got a little nervous coz the gynecologist was a HE.. yep, you read it right. a doctor, no doctora… buti na lang, he was a good, looking doctor.. (haha! don’t worry, he already has an adolescent daughter…) praise God, he can speak and undertsand English, so explaining was easier (i was practicing in spanish, but praying that he can speak english..)

so, he diagnosed me of having an ovarian cyst (as big as a lemon’s, thanks to the ultrasound). the irony of decreasing it’s size is for me to drink contraceptive pills.. huwaaatt??? i told him “Doc, i’m a missionary…” and he answered back “don’t worry, i’m a catholic..” haha… so i asked too many questions that in the end, he just told me “don’t worry too much… you can have a baby and i’m assuring you this will take away all the pain that you have..” so, to comfort me of the idea of drinking contraceptive pills, marie reminded me of another co-missionary drinking the same pills for her endimetriosis.. so, at least, dalawa na kami, right? hehe

anyway, i’m not yet comfortable of drinking it.. i’ll still ask another doctor if there’s any possible medicine to drink, and/or a priest, for moral concerns.. haaayyy… gusto ko lang naman magkaanak, ang komplikado pa! (i just want to have a baby, but it’s very complicated!)

nothing to worry… will go back to him after 4 months to see if the size decrease. and hopefully, after that, i won’t need to drink more pills… waaahh!!!


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