a promise fulfilled… and more!

when we received the mission area assignments 22 mos ago, Panama was given to me. ever since, i fell in love with the country – researching about it in the internet, day dreaming about the community and the people there, how i will spend my 2 years there, etc . so when i received the news last year that we were not given the visas to enter in panama, its like “why Lord? why placed that desire in my heart if im not about to serve there?” but still, i continue to pray that one day, God will fulfill His promise for me to got to my “promised land…”

sometimes we don’t understand why we have to wait for things to happen (nor the patience to wait for it..) but God’s time is always perfect! He knows when the gift should be given, so we’ll appreciate it more… that’s what He has done for me… He allowed me to wait for 22 months, molded me, allowed me to experince some joys and difficulties along the way, before giving me the opportunity to experience Him more… God’s love at it’s highest!

when we got our visa last monday, i couldn’t help but jump outside the consul! at last, im going to my “promise land” i was joking to marie that if joshua had a visa also entering to God’s promised land, then he might be also doing the same thing as i was doing! haha and we were so blessed, that even if the conference is finally over, we were still given the chance to fly there and enjoy a six day-vacation/ mission work!

arriving in Panama, we were pìcked up by Tia Gilma and Dave.. aahh.. to finally hug by your “mission mom”…. i wanna kissed the soil! i had pictures of every thingie inside the airport that has “panama” word on it! i even got so excited to see tall buildings (like in manila!) after 17 mos in Costa Rica.. I really feel so much special and favorite by God at that time…

God is awesome! His like telling me “khyme, arriving to panama is not only that.. i will show you more..” and truly, i feel like a child so amaze on what her father is doing and showing to her… so many blessings – a box of goodies, flooding with chocolates and sudoku (and can’t wait to get my hands on it!!!), super bonding with brothers and sisters that you’ve only known there for the first time… overflowing with love from the MPC community there.. especially when they knew that i was supposed to be the missionary there.. it’s like they’re making up for all the months that i wasn’t there… so much love from people i just got to know for the first time… it’s like i was there all the time.. it was like a prodigal daughter returned to her home… i’m so speechless.. . people are so generous with what they have even if they’re one of the poorest MPC community in our last night there… superb! non’stop exchange gifts… to the point that Tia Gilma was also giving gifts for my pamangkin who’ll be celebrating her birthday this month! meeting with the MPC Fraternity (yes, MG you’re right, they’re super humble!) and with the JPC (and they’re oozing with passion!), families visiting us, jovenes giving us food, super fellowship with the community… . God is sooo good!!!

our God always hears every prayer whispered by our hearts… we just need to wait and trust Him that once we have breathed our prayer, His answer is on the way. it may not be the answer we’d like to have, but rest assured that it’s the best for us. let’s wait on Him, as He wait on us!

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