a week in a missionary’s life: a backpacker’s journal

5 provinces in 7 days.
provincial mission visits.

wednesday, nov.12. start of our provincial week.
haayy, so many things to bring… (1 duffel bag, 1 backpack, 1 guitar, 1 small bag with materials, 1 shoulder bag and 1 LCD projector) aaww, how i miss brothers at these times… but praise God coz a tio can bring us to the liberia bus station. less pagod. pero 5 hours of travel.. kakapagod pa rin! mega tulog. kelangan bumawi ng pahinga. when we arrived, ate a very delicious dinner (steak!). met the YFL copule coordinators then attended a CFC household.

thursday, nov. 13 (liberia – canalete)
lunch with two priests. mexican food for breakfast and lunch. not bad. need to travel to another province. 2 hours trip without traffic. was fetched by our host family. our backs hurt because of our things. went to a couple’s ouse who were in the panama conference. gave us gifts from panama… super sweet… to think we’re not ven closed to this couple. arrived at our host’s house. super gutom. shared a can of tuna with 5 others. plus fried chese and rice. super humbling. mega lagay ng insect repellant: super dami ng lamok dun! meg watch ng t.v. and baby-sit ng kids.

friday, nov. 14 (canalete – bijagua)
had meeting with the KFL couple coordinator. learned that we’re going back home to ‘pinas. very sad… need to cheer her up. travel 45 minutes to bijagua. nothing nor no one should touch us coz we’ll fall with the weight of our things. mission meeting when we arrived. check the venue for the camp. met with the key persons for the camp preps. last minute details for the service team. chika-chika with the sisters.

saturday, nov. 15 (bijagua)
10 service team. 42 participants: 19 girls, 22 boys. most of them ar participants of the sacarment of confirmation and the caamp is a requisite before reciving the sacrament. most of thm are in their 15s. handled one group. aside from the group i handled, did one-to-ones with the leaders and som CFC members. prayer warrior. singer. tiring. i feel old for a while. the issues that the youth carried were so heavy for their age. i feel them. baptism was so powerful. everyone really felt the Holy Spirit. even the service team were moved. talnt night was crazy. stand up comedy’s in. girl’s choir. ended around 1 a.m. but around 2 a.m., the girls started screaming! all the girls are sharing one bedroom, same as with the boys. th boys, came at the door, serenading the girls. disaster! they all run outside, sang with the boys! (brothers, we need you there!!!) was really pissed off coz it was some of the service team who started it all. needed to talk to the head, coz if not, we’ll be dead with the priest and the neighbors.

sunday, nov. 16 (bijagua – upala centro)
woke up aroud 5 a.m. the aprticipants didn’t sleep. they just chat all night long. understaandable. but lack of respct, coz ty were still evn shouting and gigling even if most of us were sleeping. but i was okay. tired but need to be perked up. community mass. the music min was awesome. testimonies were given during the announcement part. veryone cried including te priest. (with background music) dialogue with parents. hugs between parents-children. was touched because i saw one of my participants with her parents… they were her struggles and seeing them united at that moment… well, God is good! traveled to upala centro with tia margarita and her family for 45 minutes. thanks to them they brough some of our things. was dead in the car even if her kids were punching me. i didn’t have enough strength to open my eyes. when we arrived at upala centro, i looked like a dead man walking. entered the ouse of our host, said hello then slept while talking to them. sobrang pagod. went to the vigil for an hour, kahit di na kaya. then slept when we get back to th house.

monday, november 17 (upala centro – puntarenas)
raced to the bus station. 2 1/2 hour trip to Puntarenas. prayed with marie then plugged the mp3 in my ears through out the trip. hanged-out with th YFL leaders and couple coordinator in El Roble. met with another couple at night. watched t.v. all nigh. CSI mania. slept late. super tired.

tuesday, november 18 (puntarenas)
cooked adobo for lunch for our hosts. checked email. went to a JPC ouse to bring her a ckae for her birthday. visited a couple in the afternoon then met with the YFL leaders in Chacarita. learned a lot from them. first time to bond with them without the YFL core group. visited a couple again before ehading home, then chit-chat with our hosts. tired again but happy.

wednesday, november 19 (puntarenas – heredia)
breakfast meeting with the KFL copule coordinator. visited a couple befor going to the bus station and ate ceviche. met with the other Latin American missionaries (wednesday is our day!) and right now blogging… will be going back to hom base later in this aftrnoon but we want to spend the afternoon in the beach first, enjoy the breeze, the sand, the sun, the atmosphere. hopfully we could really get a good night ret in our beds tonight so we’ll have more energy for the rest of the week.

my temper got high so many times this week (praised God, i only explode once). i got to the point of giving everything up because of tiredness. we never had a good rest, the food we were eating were an effort for us, bags were so heavy, tired bodies… so many reasons to giv up and just pack your things and say goodbye. but we held on. we need to do these things: the camp, the visits, the one-to-ones… this is our life. and even if its tiring, its okay. im getting tired for good reasons. i may not get enough rest but hearing the people share or helping other people experience God more… it compensates the lack of sleep, the not-so-nice food… i’m just glad i’m doing this – going to places, sharing about God, being a source of hope for some and experiencing the grace and miracle of God  in my life everyday and with every person we meet.

i wouldn’t exchange this week for anything else… may God be praised!


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