unexpected blessing =)

Today, God has revealed to me once more how He knows me so well, how He really provides and how great His love is for me.

I finally decided to go to my OB today to have a check-up. On my way there, I was telling God that I really don’t have money for the check-up but I needed to go since I have been postponing that visit for already 3 weeks. So I went, only having my last money till the next allowance day, and looked for my OB.

When I arrived there, I was told by the secretary that my OB was out of the country. So I took chance to look for the OB that was referred first by Ate Des, my household head, and she was there! After waiting for her for almost an hour while reading Bo Sanchez’ Finding your One True Love (haha) she came and there goes our session.

Seeing her, talking to her, i felt a sense of peace. And while she was explaining what I have, and what I have to go through, even if I know that it is something that i should be afraid of, I never felt any fear nor worry. We even talked about my missionary experience in Costa Rica and how great our God is in our lives.

As I was leaving the clinic, she told me “Kimberly, wag ka ng magbayad. (don’t pay anymore)” and wow, it was an answered prayer! And I was thanking her non-stop, babling “super thank you tita!” many times! haha It was funny! She just told me “Okay lang, basta para kay God. And tell your parents that they are blessed to have a missionary daughter like you.” awww…. that melted my heart….

I was crying when I went out of the hospital. I really never thought that I would be able to get a free OB consultation. I never thought that I would be able to feel peace while hearing bad news about my health. I just felt that God was with me the whole time that I had the check-up (I went there alone, btw). I felt that He was guiding me and accompanying me the whole time. I am not afraid of what the future holds for me, what my health condition will be, if i’ll get better or worse… what I just know that no matter what will happen, I have my God with me and He will take care of me, no matter what.

and with that, may God be praised! =)


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