my miracle story

“Khyme, allow me to do a miracle to you and through you”
-God’s message for me days before my operation
*  *  *
It has been 9 days since I had my Oophorocystectomy procedure, wherein the ovarian cysts that I had were taken out and until now, I am still in awe on how God fulfilled His word of doing, not only one, but many miracles through this operation.
*  *  *
I learned that I had a cyst last October 2008 when I was still in Costa Rica. Normally, I experience dysmenorrhea during my monthly period and the pain that I experienced that one sunny monday morning was no different from it. But as days gone by, I got a little worried since the persisted and its not even the time of the month. After much debating, I finally agreed to go to the OB-Gyne for a check-up.

The doctor diagnosed, through a pelvic ultrasound, that I have a cyst on my left ovary. He (yes, the OB was a man!) advised me to take some contraceptive pills (which led me to an argument with him since i’m a pro-life advocate and also toa confession, which later on the priest told me that as long as it’s for health reasons, it’s okay). To cut the long story short, Is topped drinking pills after 2 months since my body couldn’t take the side effects.

When I arrived, I came to see another OB. (see my previous entry about this). It was during the 3rd visit, when I was in deep pain and the doctor saw my ultrasound results, that I was advised to undergo the operation for better health and to emit the pain. But i begged off, told the doctor to schedule it in the week after since I wanted to attend the WKC that time (in which I didn’t finish since the pain returned).

I had apprehensions in this operation since I didn’t have money for it and the hospital where the doctor wanted was in one of the best yet expensive hospitals in the country. During one of my prayertime, God spoke to me the message at the start of this blog and that’s where I got peace.

I entered the hospital on May 19. It took me three hours just to be admitted and finished some lab tests but eventhough I needed to wait, God sent His angels to make the process easier. There was the nurse in the Admission who happens to be the son of my mom’s co-lector and the friendly Med. Tech. who chatted with me all the time while getting my blood samples (I hate needles).

I had different set of nurses (in 3s or 5s) every 7 hours. Different personalities, but all were caring and I felt that they’re doing an extra mile with me since I’m young (with this kind of op, yes), i’m talkative and i’m a missionary (I can’t believe that after I shared with a group of nurse about the nature of my work, they clapped for me and even asked what’s my spiritual gift! haha) I became friends with some, and tey even passed by my ward even if it’s not their duty with me. The pre-op procedures were very stressful, but thank God that these nurses a.k.a angels were very patient and comforting enough to make me feel better even if I already feel weak after all the tests.

Operation day. I woke up with peace in my heart knowing that there are so many people praying for me. Also resigned to whatever God’s will for me on that day, I will yield to it. On the operating table, I was even chatting with the doctors and nurses about different stuffs until my last memory was during the time they injected the anesthesia in my spine. I woke up once during the operation since I was chilling, and I felt (with no pain) that my stomach was being opened and something (i assumed it was a hand) was going inside me. The next thing I knew, I was wide awake, feeling the finishing touches of the stitch. The first thing that I did was to asked the nurse who can explain to me the operation, and she smiled “Mam, mag-recover po muna kayo bago po i-explain sa inyo ni Dra yung nangyari (Ma’m, you need to recover first before the doctor explains to you what happened)”. almost 3 hours in the operation room and another 3 hours in the recovery room.

During the 3 days’ time of recovery in the hospital, God amazed me of His love through the people He has sent to visit me. Friends from different time line in my life: one from highschool whom I haven’t seen for 3 years; my college friends whom I haven’t seen since graduation of 2003; classmate from my post-grad; childhood friends; yfc friends; co-missionaries; and relatives from the province. Non-stop of visitors coming, non-stop of funny stories (that made my wound all swelled up) and non-stop of praising God for all His love for me through this people. My celfones kept on beeping as well for the non-stop encouraging words from realtives, friends and coordinators who were also praying for my op and recovery.

As we were about to settle our account, I was shocked and amzed on how God answered my prayers about our financial need: we almost had a 100% discount for the OB and anesthesiologist; 10% discount for the room and promo discount for the whole account; and learned that I could reimburse the hospital bills through insurance! (our HR told me that she just submitted our names a week before for the insurance. really, God is never late!) We only paid less than what the doctor told me, especially being treated in that hospital. All I could do that time was to utter praises to God, of how magnificent He is in my life.

I thought that was it. During my vacant time, when there were no visitors coming, my parents and I were chatting about the people who paid visit. My dad was amazed that these people took time off their scheds just to pay a visit to me and see how i was doing. They also learned that the whole CFC FFL community were praying for my safe operation. And I was telling him “So Dad, tingnan niyo po. Kelangan ko pa po pala ma-operahan para mapakita ko sa inyo kung paano magtrabaho si God at gaano po ako kasaya sa ginagawa ko at ang buhay sa community. So ano, babalik ka na bang mag-household? As thanksgiving mo na lang kay God sa kabutihan niya sa atin. (So Dad, look. I needed to be operated to show you how God works and how happy I am with what I am doing and the life of being in a community. So what, are you going back to have a household? As your thanksgiving to God for all His goodness to us) I was just teasing my dad that time since it’s already a butt of joke in our family that he doesn’t want community life anymore. And I got the shock of my life when he said with a sheepish smile “sige, hanap mo na kami ng household (Okay, find us a household)”. I wanted to cry but I felt over-reacting. I just touched my dad’s hand and said a thanksgiving prayer in silence for hearing my heart’s desire for my family.

God has manifested again that He is faithful to His promises. Truly, he didn’t do only a miracle, but I experienced a rain of miracles through those things that happened to me. And to top it all, the cyst were benign! I see this operation as a blessing in disguise: not only will I get healthier but this operation allowed my family to see first hand how God really works. Just like what I said to a friend, in exchange of every pain I feel because of this operation is the conversion of my family, every pain in my body is worth it. Its for my family. It’s for every person that’s needing a prayer. It’s for every sinner who needs  to be converted. It’s for a friend whom I had a broken relationship with. it’s for my CFC FFL community. It’s for my future husband and family. The pain I went through was nothing compared to the pain that Christ has gone through His passion. It’s all worth it. God won the victory. =)
*  *  *
For all those who visited, texted and offered a prayer for me and my family, you are my strength. You became my life lines to God. Thank you.


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