Are we too hot to handle?

I met my two good friends last monday afternoon, after one of them finally convinced me to get out of our house and spend time with them even for an hour. So I met them in the nearby mall – rode a horror train (which I think i can do the job better than the man inside whose suppose to scare us), strolled a little and looked for a place to eat. After 30 minutes of searching for the perfect place to hang-out, we decided to just eat at the first resto/food chain we’ll ever encounter (coz our feet already hurts) – Tokyo Tokyo.

I have been friends with them since college days and they are few of those whom I can discuss anything under the sun – from politics to showbiz to real life issues to the dumbest-thing-I’ve-ever-do

ne. It’s always fun and comfortable being with them, and yesterday was one of those times. We were discussing Kristine Hermosa’s portrayal in a soap opera when a friend just popped the question that made us think:

“Aside from family and close friends (like us), may special someone ka ban a pwede mong lapitan anytime of the day kapag may nangyari sa buhay mo?”

We paused for a while and thought of those people whom we considered in that aspect – an ex-lover, a priest, a journal (and it was considered a person huh? Haha)… and we found ourselves talking about longing for a special someone whom you can be yourself and be a witness of your existence (aside from fam and friends, of course). We realized that we already reached that point in our lives that we need someone whom we could love and care so much and could reciprocate the same emotions and commitment that we could offer to them.

“Hindi kaya epekto ‘to ng mga tao sa paligid natin na nagpapakasal na?” one asked. Probably yes; but maybe it’s because we’re past that age where we can fool around and date anyone, and we just want something real, someone that we could be with for keeps.

“Minsan hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit wala pa. Okay naman tayo, pero bakit hanggang ngayon, hindi pa rin dumadating?” Maybe because it’s not yet the time; you’re not yet ready or probably it’s him; maybe there are some issues that you have to face first as a single person; or maybe God has other plans for you (the hardest to swallow).

“Are we too hot to handle???” Hmmm… good question. Probably. 😉 As what I always tell, God isn’t finish yet with our love stories; maybe He’s making the hands of our special persons to be strong enough to handle our ‘hotness’ once they arrive in our lives… or maybe God is cooling us down so we won’t burn His gifts to us. =)

We said goodbyes with those thoughts hanging above us; neither anyone of us have all the answers to these questions, but let us be assured with the idea that where we are right now in our lives is the perfect place that we ought to be. Enjoy every moment, cherish being single and anticipate with joy and patience the surprises that God has in store for us. It will come, if God wills it. If not, it’s because He has greater plans for us, more than we could ever imagine.

Live. Light. Love.


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