>missing Kuya Xavy


it has been 4 days since kuya xavy left for his mission trip in US together with kuya pat and kuya joseph. it feels different not seeing him nor receiving texts from him. home office = kuya xavy.

kaya last tuesday, when we had our weekly KFL coordination meeting, the four of us – joanne, kuh, angel and i, known as the Xavy’s girls – got into agreement that before kuya xavy return from his mission trip, we should be a better KFL missionary. we want to prove to him that he can trust us on our own (kahit pasaway minsan) and that we’re responsible. so, we have already started opening the meeting with a worship, we’re also studying how to play the guitar and having group study/discussion about the book of Job.

kuya xavy leaving us helped us to bond with each other more.  make us more productive. and less of complaints and excuses. we want to be a better KFL missionary, so that when kuya xavs returns, he will be proud of us. at hindi lang kami crammer at petiks. we can do more for this ministry.

kuya xavy, we miss you so much. we miss the “good job, girls! good job!” na lagi mong sinasabi after an event. hope you’re doing okay there. and continue to make God proud of your works there. don’t worry about us here, we’re doing better. =)


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