>Spending my 2 Christmases with Marie


First Christmas away from home. Marie and I went to the annual Festival de la Luz in San Jose, Costa Rica with Tia Margarita and nephews and Luis. It was a parade of lights in different floats.But during the Christmas day itself, we were stuck in the most boring Christmas party by spending it in a barn while my hosts and their friends were drinking and weren’t aware that we were there. So Marie and I decided to get out of the place and visit our other Tico families. (Dec 2007)
On Dec 2008, we weren’t able to attend the Festival de la Luz but instead, we had the Fiesta de Tamales (Tamales party) for the whole CFC FFL family at Heredia, Costa Rica! And yes, there’s no other food than Tamales! No Tamales, No Entry! We laos had the opportunity to spend it with our 2 missionary friends – KD and Bonn in Nicaragua – where we ate non-stop and sang like we were in our own houses!
And this year, Dec 2009, we’re back in Pinas! We may not be mission partners anymore, but the friendship still remains. And hopefully, we’ll attend more Christmas gatherings together! (@ the CFC FFL FTW Young Min’s Christmas PArty 2 at Tito Danny and Tita Espie’s house)

I missed those times that we have to look for families who will adopt us for Christmas. I missed our trips together to the internet shop just to greet our families in time for the Christmas in Pinas. I missed going to our own version of simbang gabi and Christmas Vigil Mass. I missed celebrating Christmas with you.

I may miss you this Christmas but thinking that you’re just as happy as I am, celebrating it with our own families, makes me happy as well. This was our Christmas wish. This is one of God’s greatest gift we have ever received. Thank you for those 2 Christmases we spent together. In hot or cold. With family or none. In a house or in the streets. Those 2 Christmases away from home were a little bit easier to endure because I was with you; you became my family; and I thank God for you.

Feliz Navidad a mi hermanita querida Anna Maria. Y este blog no es suficiente a decirte mi gratitud por los dos Navidades que nos celebrabamos. Que Dios te bendice tus deseos y anhelos de tu corazon por siempre y que este ano que viene darte mas sorpresas y grandes cosas en tu vida. Te quiero mucho mi hermana. Cuidate y bendiciones a tu familia! Siempre estas en mis oraciones.

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