>experiencing God through the Eucharist


I go to mass every Sunday ever since I could remember. Sometimes with family, sometimes with friends, and there are times alone, when I just want to spend intimate time with Him. When we were in Proj. 7, we always attend either the 10:30 am or 6:30 p.m. mass (where my sister and I were part of the choir). When we moved in Cainta, we brought the same routine (but we’re not singing here anymore).

Even if I was serving in the Church ever since I was a kid, I never got a full understanding of the importance of the mass was. For me, it’s just an occasion where I could showcase my love for singing and where I could spend more time with my childhood friends. As I grew older, I get to grasp at least a little of its importance as what my Religion teachers and the Church teach us. But most of the time it is still a tradition that I have to follow or else, i’ll get a sermon from my mom for days (than getting a sermon from a priest for only just an hour).
*  *  *  *  *

The Church where Marie and I usually go to in Costa Rica: San Antonio de Belen Parish Church

When I went to mission in Latin America, we  had a training wherein our trainors – Gino and Mary Grace stressed out to us the importance of going to mass everyday as part of our daily nourishment. Since we will be more attacked in our mission areas as we do the work of God, we must equipped ourselves with more armors to shield us from the evil ones.

At first, it was struggle to wake up early and walk at least 1km just to get to the church. Not being able to understand the mass either (because of language barrier) made everything worse. But every time I go to the mass, even if I don’t understand even a bit of what the priest was saying, at the end of it, I experience God more, as if I did understand what the homily was all about.

As I go to mass everyday, as part of my daily routine, little by little, I was able to understand what the priest was saying. I first learned my fluent Spanish phrases and sentences at the mass; and maybe because of the effort i’m giving to fully participate and understand the sacrament, I became more and more in love with it.

Whenever I miss a mass – because I woke up late or got my monthly visits – I feel like something was taken away from me that day. I have observed on those days that I was easily pissed off, I get angry easily and I was more prone of thinking negative things towards others. It becomes a curse missing a mass. Life is miserable without it. So even if sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with that kind of lifestyle, I still strive to go to mass ‘coz that is where I meet my God and receive His grace even if I am unworthy to receive one.
*  *  *  *  *
What do I get from attending a Mass everyday?

One of our members asked me that when she learned that my partner and I were going to mass everyday. Well, here are some of the answers i gave her:
– it’s our daily dose of vitamins for our souls
– that’s where I meet my God and talk to Him directly
– I feel at peace after. It’s like I receive grace and power to do whatever I have to do for the day.
– Answers to my prayers and questions are easily answered through the homily
– I meet interesting people (young and mostly old) who shares wisdom and experiences

I think she was satisfied with my answers that she tried going to mass every morning until she got a conflict with her new schedule in school.
*  *  *  *  *
Unfortunately, when I got home to the Philippines last year, not everyone around me was a fun of going to mass. I don’t know why, but whenever we (w/ other friends who view mass as I understand it) invite the people around us, they always have some reasons to give you just to be excused in going to the mass. How sad. But maybe, it’s because of different perspective.

I never force anyone to go to mass now (unlike before. yeah, i’m guilty of that). Whenever I do to mass, I just tell the people and whoever wants to go is free to join me. I realized that we shouldn’t force the people to God for they will not be able to appreciate His greatness, but continuously encouraging them and praying for them, and little by little it will be them who will make the first step towards God. And it will be a more wonderful and profound relationship that they will build with Him than forcing them.
*  *  *  *  *
On my way home this evening, I was just playing with the thought of going to mass at St. Joseph’s in Anonas. And to my surprise, as I pass in front of the Church, the mass was about to start. I couldn’t explain the happiness I felt that I was able to attend the mass; that all through out the mass, I was just giving praises and thanksgiving to my God for His awesome power and majesty in my life. And then when I realized what I love going to Mass: it is where I receive the grace of God to entrust Him fully of my life. and that made me smile. =)

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