>when the Latamaries tried to be funny…


Latamaries batch 1 with the Andrews, March 2007 (ampayat pa namin nun!)

I was reading my 2007 mission journal and I came across this funny entry. I think I already made a blog about this, but I still want to blog it. Laugh till you drop! J
Latamaries’ chilax time:
1.       Jeoff: Sa tingin ko maraming problema ang mga elevator girls
Khyme: Bakit?
Jeoff: Kasi palagi silang may ups and downs
(confused o may girl-thing lang??)
2.       Lunch at Costa Rica…
Jeoff: Khyme, may grocery pa ako sa bahay galing ‘Pinas. Gusto mo?
Khyme: Ano yun?
Jeoff: Pork and Beans!
(beans na lagi sa umaga, sa hapon at gabi, pati regalo, pork and beans pa rin!)
3.       Eds:
Knock, knock.
Who’s there.
Libreng ice cream. Libreng ice cream who.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Missy Elliot. “Get your free cone!”
(effort sa pag-rap eds!)
4.       KD:
Ano ang favourite na damit ni usher? Ano?
Eh di maong jeans! Bakit?
Maong, maong, maong, maong! My boo!
(with choreo pa ito!)
5.       Khyme:
Ano ang favourite song ng mga speakers sa Latin America? Ano?
Eh di “Charla, cha-cha-cha-cha-charla (2x)”
(Ang chada ng mga kids, naging talk na rin!)
6.       Bonn:
Knock, knock. Who’s there? Know. Know who!
Know, know, know your boat. Gently down the stream!
(favourite nursery rhyme mo ba ‘yan? J)
7.       Khyme:
Knock, knock. Who’s there? Red. Red who!
Red this be love, i’m feeling red now… this is the red time i’m gonna sing I red you!
(maipasok lang.. to the tune of can this be love)
WORSHIPS SONGS NAMAN: (hindi mawawala yan!)
8.       Kd and Khyme:
Ano ang favourite worship song ni OJ Simpson? Ano?
Eh di “OJ, OJ now. OJ”
(pati si OJ, nag-worship in the tune of ALL DAY!)
9.       Gino: Ano ang favourite song ng mga taga-Cambodia:
EH di “ I Cambodia! Trusting bodia your redeeming love”
(eto, sagutan naman. Habang nasa biyahe papuntang San Francisco)
10.   Eds: Ano ang favourite worship song kapag nakita mo na ang crush mo?
Eh di “Open the eyes of my crush, Lord!”
(napagdasal mo pa siya!)
11.   Teny:
Ano naman ang favourite worship song kapag malapit na ang crush mo s aiyo?
Eh di “And now, that you’re near. Everything is different!”
(of course!)
12.   Bonn:
Eh ano naman ang favourite worship song kapag M.U. na kayo?
Eh di “ Prepare the way!”
(para saan, Bonn? Haha)
Funny times with good missionary friends! J

@ Hollywood with MG
Latamow with Gino @ L.A.
chillax @ Cartago, Costa Rica (before the Ecuadorians and Nicans went to their Mission Areas)
2nd day @ Costa Rica


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