>i’m crazy in-friends with jaque


i have a friend.
her name is jaque.
she’s a year older than me. but our birthdays are 2 days apart.
i’m happy being single. and she’s agonizing about her marriage.
i love my faith. she loves vanity.
i buy my clothes in tiangges, divi or ukay-ukay.
she buys hers in signature stores or in London.
i can go out of my house without taking a bath and just in my pajamas.
she can’t go out without sun block and pretty clothes on.
but even if we’re very different, we still love to hang out together.
we’re both spontaneous. love to do crazy stuffs.
discussions about life, love, politics and anything-under-the-sun fills our time.
we love to try new things. to reinvent ourselves. to take on challenges that comes our way.
we’re both forgetful. we’re both loud and quiet at the same time. we’re both moody.

on our birthday this year, we celebrated it by attending the alumni homecoming of our college… but with the wrong batch. and last night, we just thought of doing something out of the routine: go to a park, ride a bike, stroll, ride the swing and see-saw, dine and chat. out of our busy schedules, we just found time to do something spontaneous for us to unwind, to update each other and enjoy our friendship.

i love being friends with jaque. i’m crazy in-friends with her.

 @ UST


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