>Kids Revolution: a new generation of KFL


“KFL kahit bata, kilala na namin  si God! Mabait, magaling… para sa ‘min Siya’y sikat!”

Here goes the chant that keeps on sounding in my head. Several days have passed but I still feel the WKC 2010 fever!

Kids revolution. The title of the World Kids Conference 2010 held last April 23-25 @ Lipa, Batangas. I remember getting stares from the coordinators or a “ano yun? (what’s that?”) remark from the kids when I told them before about the title of the WKC 2010. Even a coordinator told me “Bakit, tuturuan ba natin maging rebelde ang mga bata kaya revolution ang title ng WKC? (Why, are we going to teach the children to be revolutionaries that’s why it’s the title?)”. It’s different. It’s bold. But that’s what we wanted for KFL. To change. To show to the people around them that even in their young age, they can stand for what is right; for what they believe in. And they can speak about God. Live a life for God.
*  *  *
A month before the WKC, Kuya Xavy and Ate Des were asked to go to Rome to represent the Philippines for a conference there (that’s another story =D). The four of us – Angel, Joanne, Kuh and I, coined as the KFL girls – were left with all the preparations for the WKC. Actually, we were very relaxed at first, since we already have prepared a lot for the conference and just needed polishing for the other areas. But God has other plans. Since the title means a bold change, that’s what He did to us: everything that we have prepared for were scraped off and we have to begin from zero once more. Our initial reaction was like “HUWAAATTT???” since all the preparations were done since December last year. We haven’t recovered yet from the shocking news that we have received, but work must be started.

Together with the amazing Ates – Ate Grace, Ate Chinky and Ate Mariel – we all worked together for the changes that were needed to be done. It wasn’t as easy process though – a lot of tears, sleepless nights and revisions were done just to make everything in place, as God willed it to be. We all just wanted the best for the kids; we all just wanted the kids to experience the awesome power and majesty of God, the same way as their parents and ates and kuyas have experienced in their respective conferences. It was a painful experience, as what Ate Grace said, our “growing pains”, but I believe that these growing pains allowed us to be stronger and hold on more to the Almighty. Besides, this conference is all about Him and the kids and we’re just instruments for His plan to take place. Realizing this made me more excited!
*  *  *
This conference allowed me more time to get on my knees and really pray hard for God’s will. I just know that this will be a great conference since many oppressions have been happening around us most especially with the team. But nevertheless, this didn’t stop nor disheartened the team; it made us cling more to God’s promise that He will deliver. And He did!

  • Budget was cut due to lack of funds. We have to have at least 800 pax to have a break-even, but God gave us 1200 pax for the weekend!
  • Daniel, the youngest worship leader, proved to us that even a 6-year old can really give a heartfelt worship to God!
  • A big surprise for me was Joshua Padilla, whom I have met and bonded last year in the KFL Antipolo Sportsfest and WKC. Compared to how he was before,  must say that a BIG improvement  really happened to my li’l friend who was very playful before. When I asked him of what slogan did he write during the Pro-life workshop, he told me “We need to save the Mother Earth… because she needs us” and that really impressed me! And also, he really was participating in the activities! So no wonder he was able to share on the last day, coz I believe he really enjoyed the WKC!
  • It was just affirming that we did the right thing separating the Junior and Senior Kids WOrkshops to focus on each’s needs. The 8 years old and below kids (most especially the youngest participants Reese, Gabie, Sabine and Aida) enjoyed doing their creation mobile with their moms, sung Kids Praise, did their Family tree and experienced the love of God through their other KFL friends, Ates and Kuyas during their Junior Kids Workshops (thanks to the Heart champs led by Kuya Aldrin and Ate Mae!) And for those older kids, a much in-depth sessions about worshiping God and the importance of the Scriptures as their own stories were given. Plus, workshops on study habits, talents and pro-life were also provided.
  • The KFL Coordinators and Heart Champs were empowered in their respective workshops on how to do their part in the work we’re doing in KFL.
  • Witnessing the kids from all ages worshiping God during the last Kids Praise on Sunday – some were dancing, others were just raising their hands but everyone singing at the top of their lungs – were a sight to behold, something that you want to keep in your memory for the rest of your life coz you know that these kids were really changed during the weekend and were really worshiping God not because their Ates and Kuyas told them to do so, but because they know who God is.
This conference really lived out its title – revolutionizing the kids, changing their perspective and allowing them to grasp in their young age who God is and why do we worship Him, teaching them to live a life that they are called to as sons and daughters of God – yes, we have started a Kids Revolution! And I believe that it wasn’t only th kids who were changed, but adults as well – coz for me, this WKC affirmed me that I am doing what God wants me to do, I am living the life He has chosen for me and allowed me to appreciate the important work that we’re doing for the Kids’ Ministry.
Kids Revolution: a new generation of KFL. Deeper and bolder with our faith. Because no one is too young enough to know Christ!
See you next year in Subic!

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