the right look for the right feel.

i’m changing the web lay-out of this site again.

i’m looking for the right look. so i can have the right feel and be more inspired in blogging my thoughts.
at least, i found the right title for this blog.
that even if i always forget so many things in life,
at least there are still things that are worth remembering. 
and this is what my blog is all about.
things that i remember in between my memory gaps.
*   *   *
because of joanne, i want to cut my hair as well.
maybe with that, i will feel better. easier. lighter.
i still have to find the right hair style though.
but until then, i just need to live through my current hairstyle.
just like my current lifestyle. 
and my current situation.
*   *   *
it’s hard to find the right look if you don’t know what you’re looking for. if you don’t know what you want.
but it’s harder if you already know what you want and what you’re looking for but couldn’t find it because it’s not available.
you just have to adjust with what’s available without compromising with what you really want. 
meeting half-way.
that’s how you deal with life most of the time.
you can’t have everything that you want.
you just have to settle with what’s available.
making the best out of it.
and being contented with the blessing you received because of it.
*   *   *
am i making sense? maybe yes. but for some, probably not.
right now i just need the right feel. that’s why i’m looking for the right look.
this entry might be a nonsense but for me, it expressed what i feel.
i’m looking for the right look. so i could have a right feel.
can you help me look for it?


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