>want to experience pure happiness? bathe in a fire hose bath with kids!


last weekend, I had the chance to be a kid again.
i bathed in the fire hose bath with other kids (and other feeling-kids).
i felt free.
i felt so happy.
i felt like nothing matters, but only that moment.
that moment of freedom and pure happiness.
moment of pure satisfaction.
*  *  *
i remember my colorful childhood. 
every time it rained, i go out with my friends, grab a soap and shampoo and just bathed in rain. 
i remember those times that we keep on jumping until the water splashes in our faces. 
or those moments that we rode a styrofor-made boat that we used when there’s a little wave (called flood).
or wear our salbabidas and pretend that we’re in a beach.
simple joys. life-changing moments.
when i think of it, i still can imagine the smiles in our faces. 
the sound of shrieking girls while the boys teased them with dirty water.
and our moms scolding us for bathing in rain. again. after a million times of stopping us and telling us not to.
but it’s different. you become one with nature.
you become one with yourself.
you feel free. different. it’s like you want to stay for a long time under the rain.
but you can’t.
you’ll get sick.
and your mom will get more mad.
so you’ll stop bathing under the rain.
and even if your friends call you, you’ll turn them down and say “nah, i already have enough.”
and that moment will become one of those treasured ones you want to share with anyone who cares to listen.
*  *  *
back to the fire hose bath.
thanks to precious and marion who pulled me into this.
i never regretted any moment of it.
seeing the kids enjoying the moment made me desire to experience their joy as well.
so even if i’m wearing jeans and shoes, and has money on my pocket, i joined them in the bathing spree.
indulged myself to freedom.
indulged myself in becoming a kid again.
and while having this moment of my life, i realized a very important lesson.
in life, we don’t need everything.
we just need the basic, ordinary things. what makes us happy. what makes us complete.
for me, it’s my family. my friends. my work. my community. my faith. my God.
and it made me appreciate more that the life i have is the life God wants for me.
thank you fire hose bath. thank you kids for making me realized how beautiful life is.

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