>Starstrucked Philippines

>I cannot believe that the Pinoys really voted for Noynoy as President. And Erap as his closest contender?!?! C’mon!

Then look at our senatoriables. No. 1 on the list is an action star, followed by another action star and another one is still on Top 12. In Congress, a lot of actors are running and winning – Lani Mercado for Cavite and Lucy Torres for Ormoc; and for the LGUs, even a lot more!!!

What happened to the Filipinos?

Are values and moral issues not important anymore, being the only Catholic country in Asia?

Is Philippine elections just a popularity contest, not (a contest) of integrity, of competence, of honesty and of principles?

I am disappointed of the outcome of the elections. Not because my bets didn’t win, but because of the choices the people made.

But I won’t stop on just being disappointed. 

I will fight. I will do whatever I can to contribute to a better Philippines. 

Bring back the values. the importance of life. Fight for the significant issues that will benefit a lot of Pinoys, not only those in power – poverty, education, family.

In my little ways, I hope that I may be of help. It may not be for the whole country, but at least for the people around me.

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