>the vineyard weekend cost me my hair =D


Going to the Vineyard Weekend has cost me not only the raised eyebrows and a lot of questions of why I need to go out, but also, it cost me my shoulder length hair.

*   *   *
Why do you cut your hair?

When I was younger, I usually cut my hair on February and June – my birthday and opening of classes.

When I was in high school, I cut my hair because of fashion.

In college, I learned that women cut their hair for some of these reasons – something new in their life, a drastic thing happened or moving on from a lost love.

Funny may it seems but I have carried this belief until now.

And after the Vineyard Weekend, I cut my shoulder length hair into a pixie cut.

*   *   *
I was with mixed emotions coming to the Vineyard weekend at Alpadi last May 30-31. Excited coz it was my first community activity after my 2 week-leave. Hesitant because it’s the first time I’m going to leave my Mom overnight; and my aunts kept on scolding at me why do I need to go there. But still I went.

And I had a good time! Bonding time with my Vineyard buddies – Raine, Loren and Liz, plus knowing new SFL leaders from other districts! Able to see my SFL FTW friends (oh, it’s good to be back!) plus a lot of bloopers and simple yet joyous moments (TARA!!! *just the sound of my voice makes her cry… awww)

A wonderful experience with the Lord. Indeed, it really became a personal retreat for me. It wasn’t just me and me talking, but more on God talking and transforming the stubborn ME. The questions that has been haunting me were answered (about Mom and THE WEED) and I felt renewed and empowered after all the depressing moments I went through for the past few months.

And after the Vineyard Weekend, after experiencing God anew, after feeling refresh and re-born again, I went to the parlor, had a hair treatment and cut my hair short! (just to complete the feeling of a renewed life!)
*I just didn’t foreseen it to be THIS short! haha
*   *   *
Showing you the evolution of my hair (and I really have to blog about this! haha)

my usual hair
the lou-bonnevie-look 
(the gay beautician said it looks good. hello! i feel like i’m a rock star during 70’s! argh!)
And since I don’t like the 70’s rock star look, I decided to cut it again, now inspired by Ate Des 🙂
And tried different hair styles:
the fly-me-to-the-moon look
the mannequin look
the ordinary-girl look
the bangs-kung-bangs look
the SM Department store look
(just tried this bonnet and took a picture.. haha)

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