>Goodbye, my sweetest addiction.


We met again. It has been a while.
I opened our fridge and saw you inside. I just looked at you, then closed the fridge.
But I guess, you still have me.
I came back again, this time with the goal of getting my hands on you.
I started with one bite. Then another. And another.
Something’s wrong, I thought.
So I looked for an expiration date. None.
I thought that i just need another bite. So I took another one.
But it never seemed right. You tasted different.
*   *   *
An addiction you were, my dearest Hershey’s.
It was you who was my constant companion
In the ups and downs of mission life in the other side of the world.
I was so into you, that I can finish up to 4 bars in one sitting.
You tasted so good then, my dearest Hershey’s.
Being with you became my escape from reality.
Being with you became moments of spontaneity.
You were one of my simple joys.
The bitterness in you, I couldn’t taste
For only the sweetness in you that I can recognize.
*   *   *
How can I forget you my dear Hershey’s
When I had a lot of good memories with you?
While talking on the phone, or just sitting on the bench on a cold, foggy Tuesday night.
While lying on a bed and bumming around.
On those happy moments when we walked together laughing, humming our favorite song?
Or on those moments that I need a good cry and you just stayed with me?
*   *   *
Now I remember why you tasted differently, my Hershey’s.
You tasted so good before not because you do
But because with whom I shared you with.
You were our sweet escape to our little world.
You became one with us, with all the things we shared together.
That made you become extraordinary Hershey’s.
But now that he’s gone, your sweetness was taken away as well.
You became an ordinary chocolate for me.
I became free of my addiction with you.
I no longer long for you. For I have learned to live without you.
Whenever I see you,
I no longer see you in a special package waiting to be picked up.
I just see an ordinary chocolate, just like the others.
You lose your charm in me. You have lost me.
And i’m glad.
For that means i’m also free from my addiction of him.
I’m free. Yes I am.
From you. And from him.
Goodbye my sweetest addiction.


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