>itxey and wi-fi

>I started my own dream book in September 2008 when I was still in Costa Rica for mission. I remembered reading a Bo Sanchez’ article on this that prompted me to do one.

the cover page
I wrote down all the impossible dreams I could think of and one of these is a Laptop. See specs below.

I am not a techie person so I only wrote down what I wanted for a Laptop: Dell, Pink, with webcam, wireless connection, DVD /RW and 2 GB Hard memory. During that time, We didn’t have laptop and one of the Titos there lend us one, but it was sooo old and slow that you can still pee first while saving up your power point file. (imagine??)

When I got home last year, Mom bought my brother and I an HP Pavillion dv5 laptop. It was really nice, hi-tech and all. (okay, i’m really not a techie here).  An answered prayer coz I remembered that earlier in the mission, I  cut a picture of a laptop and pasted in my journal and it was the same laptop given to me after 2 years! I was very contented with it, with all its features and sleek design. The downside maybe, is that, it’s really heavy for travelling.

Anyway, recently, I got problems with it though. I think because of travelling a lot (and thinking that it’s sturdy enough coz it’s metal), it’s LCD became a little loosen. Sometimes you have to hold it or else, you can only get white screen. It was a little annoying at times most especially when you are in the middle of something.

I told my mom to buy a new one. It didn’t materialized though coz you-know-what-happened. Fast forward, my brother needed the laptop almost everyday and we were having fights about ti coz I always bring it to the office and he didn’t have anything to use at home. That’s when I realized to buy my own laptop.

But where to get the money??? I tried asking my aunt, a  friend, and cousin if I could ride on their credit card. But they are over limit at this time. So I prayed, and prayed and prayed. And God heard my persistent plea: He gave me cash (pay when able!) through my dad! Amazing!!!

And so, I asked my dear techie frind, Dave, to buy with me in Gilmore, the tech hub of Manila. And now, the dream has finally come true! After 2 years, I finally have now Itxey, my Pink Dell Laptop! It really pays to pray and wait! 🙂

at Starbucks Gateway where we installed all the softwares

My dear techie friend Dave. Guess who is he texting with that smile!
“Setup is preparing your computer for first use.” =)

This is Dave after 3 hours of re-installing Windows 7 for 3x! *sungit

Bonus from God: Itxey, my Pink Dell.
PS: Since I got it in a discounted price, I was able to buy a router as well. Now, we have wi-fi at home! Thank God!

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