>good preparation = salvation


Last Sunday, I went home again to Pampanga to visit my Mom’s grave and also get some documents that I need. Before going to my Lolo’s house, I attended the mass at the nearby church (where I was baptized and Mom’s last mass). I was praying so hard for the mass to be in Tagalog or English, and praise God it was in English!

Anyway, the homily was so good that I had to take down notes and share it here:
(Gospel: Luke 12: 32-48)

  • Ang taong laging handa, kasama sa handaan sa kalangitan (The person who is always ready will join the feast in heaven)
  • HANDAAN: it’s a Filipino term for feast. When you invite people to your ‘handaan’ it means, you have prepared something for them – food, venue, yourself as a host, etc. So Handaan means “HANDA KA” (you’re ready)
  • The best preparation for death is a good life. 3 ways of preparing one’s self:
            a) OFFENSE – use God’s blessings in your life; no time for idleness
            b) DEFENSE – because we are in a spiritual war, our defense should always be up
                                  – increase your spiritual level by making yourself holy
                                  – stay away from SIN
                                  – changing one’s self in mind, heart and soul
                                  – the more you allow SIN to enter your life, it will pull you down to the pit.
  • Protect yourself. Fight for your faith.
  • The prize of good preparation is SALVATION.

*   *   *

And I was affirmed once more that Mom is already saved because she had a good preparation before her death – she led a good life. 
Thank you Lord for this wonderful affirmation and message.

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