>” He was never mine. And I was never his.
  And it never existed an “us”.
  And if ever there was an “us”, then let’s just leave it where we came from;
  Where it started and ended even before anything begun.”
– to Ate Anna about him *whoever she was pertaining to as ‘my man’ that never existed*
*   *   *
If I’ll be given an opportunity, I’d like to give scriptwriting a try.
Probably because I watch too much TV and movies that I always end up criticizing and wanting to change the plot.
A better scenario. Better lines. Better characters.
I remember joining the scriptwriters’ committee when I was in high school.
I was the one who always give the most dramatic scenes, the most emotional lines.
As if I will be the one delivering them.
I don’t know if it’s being poetic or just being creative.
Imagining it to be my own scene.
*   *   *
But as I grow old, the desire slowly dies down.
Maybe because it is not put into good use.
And not inspired enough to do a good storyline.
But maybe, i’ll try once more.
It was my dream to join the any competition, lest the Palanca Awards. (ambitious!)
I want to revive that passion once more.
But this time, writing stories that will inspire people –
about life. love. family. relationships. conviction. faith. God.
And this time, I don’t desire to join the Palanca Awards anymore.
But my only desire is
to share these stories to give light, even a little light to others.
And use the talent that God has given me.


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