>when you’re good friends, silence is not a problem


Tonight, I just felt being spontaneous and called my spontaneous best friend.
” Hey, busy ka?”
” Hindi naman. Anong plano.”
” Libre mo kong dinner.”
” Sige. What time tayo meet at saan?”

So we’ve decided about the time and place to meet. Of course, I was late because of THAT MRT ride (but it was fun though, thanks to KFL team!) We ate at Gateway Food Court (budgeted meals this time especially if payday is just a few days away). Surprisingly, we just ate in silence. No stories, jokes or rants of the day. We just enjoyed our food, a little comment about the taste, well, that’s all. Then after, we decided to check on the ukay-ukay around. We didn’t have time to share personal stories during that time, and we just enjoyed each other’s company through shopping. After that, we headed home.

I sent a message to him, thanking him for the dinner. And amazingly, his reply was this: “Salamat, ganado akong mag-aral ngayon at magdasal, salamat sa Diyos at sa iyo. GB” (Thank you, I am now inspired to study and pray, thanks to god and to you. GB). I was struck. I reviewed the whole time we were together and I couldn’t think of any moment we discussed any inspiring story that might give him any motivation. And then I realized, when you’re with good friends, you don’t have to talk all the time. Sometimes, just sitting around together doing nothing, enjoying the silence is much more needed and appreciated than the advice you can give.
*   *   *
And contrast to that event was the moment that happened before that.

Someone gave me a gift. A surprise gift to be exact.

I never expected a gift from that person. Probably because of the silence that I have with her for quite some time.

Both situations happened with silence, but gave a different feeling.

Silence that is comfortable and another with a feeling of dread.

Let silence be always comfortable.

And because of that, I need to talk to her. To end that dreadful silence.



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