>the BANCHETTO experience


from the banchetto site
Last Friday, I went to Banchetto in Emerald Ave. with Kuya JC, Ate Chinka and VL for business/pleasure experience. Business since we went there to look for concessionaires to join in our upcoming activity on October. And business became more exciting since you’re with good friends! =)
I was with VL distributing flyers and while doing so, we were also looking for what to eat. A LOT of choices were available, and I mean good-looking food presentation and I wanted to buy a little of everything (if money wasn’t a problem). Anyway, after 2-3 rounds distributing and window-food-shopping, we ended up buying a blueberry chessecake for desert and a quarter pound with wasabe mayo at Monster Burger (as what Ate Des suggested) and I must say that it was worth all the penny for its taste! (tip: if you want to eat this one, you have to place your order as soon as you arrive. That’s  our mistake though, we were the first ones to approach the stall before it opened, but we didn’t place our order. And when we decided to order, we were customer #33 and they were only serving customer #5 that time!) I also met a wonderful couple JJ and Cathy of Crepe-papips who were interested in joining our food fair and also very friendly and accommodating with their customers. A lot of funny stories and bonding moments with Kuya JC and Ate Chinka and I must say that I found an ideal older sibling in them – funny, street smart, interesting, talented, beautiful and real persons (okay, is it your birthday???). And thanks to VL, I got home safely. 
I realized during the food hunting that when you are faced with a lot of options, you really have to do an elimination process until you reach what you really like, what is best for you. For me, I was torn in eating pizza, pasta and burger. But in the end, I chose Monster Burger because I feel like eating burger that time and because of the rave comments I got from friends. Just like in life, one has to discern well which of the options presented is the right one for him/her so that in the end, he/she will have the best choice.
I wanted to go back at Banchetto again, but this time, with a lot more of good friends, an emptier stomach (coz I ate dinner before going there) and a fatter wallet (or maybe not; good friends are enough, and I bet they’ll be the ones buying my dinner then.. hehe)


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