>I love Mondays!


Y Mondays!
Mondays are usually the dreaded day of the week, probably because it’s the start of another school or work week. Yes, that’s so true for me especially when I started teaching. It means lesson plans, meetings and deadlines. Thinking about Mondays then was a real stress.
Y Mondays!
Things changed when I went on mission to Latin America. Mondays became the most exciting day for me since it’s my one-on-one household and service meeting with Marie – complete with exhortation, worship and household topic!
Y Mondays!
Then going home to Philippines, Mondays means Coordination Meeting with my missionary friends from the young ministries. The intense worship, personal testimonies of how the Lord has worked in their lives, inspiring realizations and true brotherhood and sisterhood – became part of our weekly routine… a best way to start our work week!
Y Mondays!
And for me, Mondays can be equated to:
Mondays = good friends, hearty laugh, inspiring stories and amazing meeting with the Lord!
Who would want to miss this kind of Monday? *wink*
my Monday group. =)

*waiting for a miracle to happen


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