>choose what is right and you don’t have to lie

>Tonight, I met a friend who called me because she had an “emotional emergency and needed a friend. She really looked harassed and confused when I arrived in her condo. She realized she made a HUGE mistake with her thesis for M.A. after her defense and revision for final paper. 

After listening to her, I helped her see the options she has, good or bad, and all the consequences to help her decide. But after a while of convincing her to do what is right, I was saddened when she told me finally that she will just choose to do the wrong thing, hoping that she won’t be caught. Or if she will, she’ll just face the later on. She can’t afford to do the right thing at the moment for that would require repeating the whole thesis, and a lot more time away from her husband who is now working abroad.
*   *   *
Why do most of us want the easy way out rather than suffer the consequences of doing what is right?

When I was in elementary, instead of telling my adviser about my classmate who got my food for recess, I pulled her hair that brought me to the Principal’s Office and was sanctioned of one day suspension in the library (with her).

In high school, studying was my least favorite activity and so I resorted to doing codigos, until my Math prof caught me and got a failing grade for that exam.

During college, I cut classes during P.E. because I don’t like table tennis. I almost got an F.A. (failure due to absences) and had to beg my prof to give me a special exam to pass the subject since my parents knew that I was always in school. (glad she did and asked me to make a letter holder. tsk tsk)

A lot more did I do in betweens and after that, just because I wanted an easy way out. Suffered the consequences but looking back now, I just hope that I didn’t need to go through those things.

Regret. That’s how I feel. 
*   *   *
Why suffer in doing what is right when it’s easier to do the opposite and the only thing i need to do is to be careful not to be caught?


Easy way out. But will leave you a guilty conscience that you have to live for a long time, or worse, until lifetime. 

Choosing to do or say right maybe difficult and might require a little more effort and commitment on your part, but if it will leave you a clearer conscience and a good sleep at night, then it’s all worth it.

I’d rather suffer now for doing what is right than suffer until I die for choosing to lie.

And for me, choosing to do what is right means choosing Christ.

“For to me, to live is Christ, and even death is profitable for me.”
– Philippians 1,21


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