>reality bites


Reality bites. And it hurts, most especially on those times that you’re not prepared.
But sometimes, we need reality to bite us to bring us back to sanity. For our own good. 
*   *   *
It bit a friend recently when an ex-love found a new love.
I saw how hurt my friend was. For I was the one tasked to deliver the message.
And I wonder…
Am I ready to face that kind of reality in the near future?
To see an ex-love find someone else, a new love that is not me?
*   *   *
On my way to the office this morning, I found myself thinking of that ‘ex-love’.
I saw him again. After a long time.
He’s still doing the same things as before. The same things I fell in love with.
And hate at the same time.
His sluggishness. His pride. His stubbornness. His tactless personality. His indifference.
I have loved these things about him before.
But seeing him doing these things now, made me realized
I really don’t like it. It turns me off. Big time.
Reality bit me. But it was okay. it didn’t hurt. It was good, actually.
*   *   *
More realities that bit me the past few days:
  • a respectable person who made that insensitive remark.
  • a friend who cheated on her thesis (but did the right thing after our talk and some reflection)
  • the 300 kids (from 6 to 12 years old) in one room with only 5 of us to handle.
  • the new love I found with a couple coordinator whom before, I found them insensitive 
  • that my role in our household may not be ME to be nourished, but I contribute to the nourishment to our household (both for household head and members)
  • I really don’t like expensive stuffs. If I will be eating a Lamb burger, it should be given to me or I really deserve it to buy one.
  • the burden of telling the people of my concerns a.k.a problem about them.
  • if i want a toxic-free life, spend less time with toxic people and do less of toxic stuffs.
  • talk to the right people. talking to everyone who ‘appears’ to be concern (daw!) isn’t healthy and may be the one to spread the news (or the gossip for that matter).
  • and trust the people who really cares for you. what they do (or say) is always for your own good.
*   *   *
Excerpts from our weekly Full-time Pastoral Workers’ Coordination Meeting last Monday:
  • “Everyone has an unspoken hunger to know and experience God, so we should always be ready to inject God in everything”
  • “To be a Full-time Pastoral Worker means being a Missionary all the time”
  • “There should be no dichotomy on what we do and who we are, for there should a fusion of both, that is called INTEGRITY”
  • “Everyone has a struggle. It’s how you face it. And the good thing is you’re not facing it alone. For you are facing it with God.”
  • “Let God shine!”
And my prayer for the week:
Lord, bring me back to memories and experiences that will remind me of how great You are in my life, Amen.

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