>love never fails


Sometimes, I wonder… if everyone of us will just treat each person we meet with great compassion, see them with love, then maybe life would be better. And this world will be a better place to live.
Yes, we were given that privilege. I bet, when God created us, He has that in mind and gave us a a lot of love to be consumed and to be shared. He loved us so much He gave us free will and reason that makes us different from all living things. But sin crept in. And this is always the stumbling block between experiencing an awesome life because of great love and a miserable life that is covered with selfishness and negativity.
It is not an easy task to decide to love. It’s still an effort even to those people close to you. It’s an everyday commitment we have to make, most especially to those who need it most. And I think we can only love if we learn how to love ourselves first and seek that unconditional love to the ultimate source – God, for God is love and love is God.
Today, I will strive to love again. This may not be an easy task for it may give me more heartaches and might be rejected in the process. But it’s not about me… it’s about sharing the love I have received from God. I am loved, therefore, it’s just right to share that love. For it never fails.

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