>Goodbye, Jasmine.


taken last year, during her parent’s CLS

her family: Tatay Jun, Nanay Jaque and Ate Jewel
You were such a charming girl, Jasmine.
The first time I saw you last year, during the CLS of your parents,
you already captured me.
I asked your name, you just smiled and went away.
But later, you came back and told me “Ate, Ako si Jasmine. Ikaw anong pangalan mo?” 
Ever since then, we became friends.
I looked forward seeing you every CLS.
I don’t know what you had, but chatting with you makes me feel relaxed. And it’s fun.
You asked a lot and had many interesting explanations on things.
Just like when you were at our house one time, when our Moms had one-on-one with each other.
I was tasked to take care of you.
So as not to bore you with TV alone, I taught you how to make a rosary.
And amazingly, at 4-years old, you learned fast.
You even shared to me a lot about you during that moment 
– that you pray the rosary every night and even recited the Hail Mary to me
– that the scar on your head which was actually caused by surgery of your brain tumor, became a source of inspiration to me by the way you understood it (Ate, hiniwa yung ulo ko kasi may kinuha sila. Tapos nakita ko si Jesus, nakaputi, niyakap niya ako kasi iyak ako ng iyak tapos nawala yung sakit. Gumaling yung sugat ko kasi laging kini-kiss yan ni Mommy)
– that you love your Ate Jewel a lot and she will be your best friend forever
– that you want to serve the Lord and would like to attend a KFL Assembly
– that you wanted to become a Doctor someday, to cure sick kids like you.
After that night, Jasmine, I could never forget you.
You have touched my heart in a very special way.
Whenever we see each other in church or in the street,
you always run to me and gives me a real-tight hug before saying “Hi Ate Khyme! kumusta ka na?”
Even if you were already starting your chemo once more, your vibrant character was never affected.
You still always had that ready smile that says “Don’t worry, everything will be alright.”
I remember last Christmas, when we invited your family and Ate Imelda’s family as well, to have Noche Buena in our house.
You told me “Ate Khyme, first time ko po kakain ng maraming pagkain sa Pasko. Salamat po sa inyo.”
And we even sang with our videoke until the wee hours of morning.
It was one of the most wonderful Christmas I ever had.
Sharing with other families and yes, my last Christmas with you and Mom.
Awww.. Jasmine, I will miss you.
The last time I saw you in mass months ago, you told me “Ate, love ka ni Lord. Ako din, love Niya kaya gagaling ako.” when I asked you how was your feeling.
You inspired me.
And even if tears are flowing while writing this, I still want to praise God.
For He has allowed me to meet an Angel like you.
Thank you for touching my life, Jasmine.
And even if you only lived for a short time in this world, I believe you have lived your life well.
I know you’re in the safest place where my Mom is – beside our Father God in heaven.
As you take your place in His kingdom, please say Hi to my Mom. Talk to her just as you would talk to your Mom here.
And don’t be sad anymore Jasmine, for you’ll no longer feel the pain.
And just look over your family here.
Be safe. Be at peace.
Thank you for being a good example of faith for me.And for the good memories. 
Good bye Jasmine. I will surely miss you.

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