>blogging to relax

>Yesterday, I found my co-missionary so stressed because of the video she’s editing. I told her to chill out for a while before she goes back to work. After some time, I went back to her and saw her much relaxed. I asked her what she did to relax herself. And when I saw what she was doing, I saw her doing a graph of her daily routine – “WHAAATT??? is this your way of relaxation???” uhmm.. yes, it was. =)
*   *   *
I was a little stressed these past few days because of so much to do – mission trips, clubs, processing of my Mom’s benefit claims, taking care of the house, etc. I don’t even have time for myself! No wonder, I get so tired easily. I woke up one morning asking God if all of these things I was doing really matters 5-10 years from now. And it is! It’s not that i’m complaining, maybe I need a little more skill on time management.

So, after a whole morning of calling some schools for my sideline, here I am, taking my time to relax by expressing myself – blogging!
*   *   *
Last Monday, the Young Ministries’ missionaries had a chance to meet and listen to one of the Philippines’ Pro-Life Advocate, Zoe Vidal. I was so starstruck when I saw him – probably it was my secret dream to meet him and a certain Austin Rose, for I admire what they do to defend life.

I admire him for his passion in defending life. His researches, websites that he owned, his stands – everything is overwhelming… yet very inspiring. Hope we could be like him somehow, someday.

Life is from God. And everything that is from God, is important. Let’s fight for what is important. Let’s fight for what is of God.
*   *   *
Exciting things are yet to come for CFC KFL!

More mission areas to be opened, schools asking for KFL Club, a Kids Praise Concert, Rosary Rally, Trainings, and a lot more!

There’s only 5 of us, but through God’s gracious help, we’re able to pull it through.

It’s because this is God’s work, not ours.

And if it’s His, then He will provide everything that is needed to fulfill His plan.

So, that means, sooner or later, our team will get bigger! And this time, I claim that brothers will pour in! =)

Kuya Cocoi, Angel, Joanne and Kuh… let’s watch how the Lord will unfold His great plans for KFL in us, through us and with us!
*   *   *
And while planning for my mission area, this funny though came to me:

What is KFL to me?

KFL = Kahit Five Lang, Kasama F(p)alagi si Lord.

haha…. that’s corny. =))


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