>Our God is always on time!


my Taiwan visa
Everyday is a miracle. Well, that depends if you choose to see it that way. A lot of miracles are happening in front of us and all we have to do is search for it.
The Lord has taught me once more that indeed, all He asks from us is to be faithful to Him when He said that it will happen, for He is always on time! And He’s always up for surprises! (only if you let Him =P) He assured me that this mission trip will be all about Him – and the first manifestation of that is our Taiwan visa, which came ONLY yesterday afternoon! Up to the last minute! Just when you thought that you might not be able to leave because of the visa, and also of the lotsa things to do here… TA-DA! Surprise Khyme! And more surprises to come!
*   *   *
All Full time Pastoral Workers had a meeting yesterday with Tito Gary about enhancing our relationships with each other. For me, it was an answered prayer since it has been days since the thought of getting to know the older FTWs more, came to me. I am very much excited in participating in the various activities that will be planned for this undertaking.
Another surprise, which I think, is part of God’s plan for me yesterday, was the long talk with Tito Gary. It’s not the usual counselling sessions that I have with him, but more on a casual way of talking about things, sharing ideas and building relationships. I hope to have moments like this with other older FTWs to get to know them better, aside from service/work.
And with the Bible study, I must say that Fr. Gustilo is really amazing in explaining the Bible. he makes everything in the Bible easier to understand and makes you fall in love more with Jesus through the Gospels. Our topic was about the Bread of Life, and it’s importance in taking it. I love how he explained about taking up the communion – one should take up communion as often as he could; for if you only commune once a year, then you are sinning for 364 days; if once a week, then only 6 days left to sin; if everyday, no time to sin. For communion accompanies us in our journey to holiness, thus, helping us to stay away from committing sin. =)
*   *   *
There are a lot of things I need to do, but after all these things that happened yesterday, it gave me more passion to do my work for the kids and for my community. It brought me back to my forgotten dreams of studying again and having time for myself and my social life. It lead me back to desire God more, and do whatever He asks of me. This is what I love about my job – it’s not only about the service you do for others, but also on how the Lord continuously transforming you as He use you to inspire others.
Off to Taiwan mission! See you Philippines in a few days!

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