>and the kids have spoken: WE LOVE LIFE!


March for Life: Kids Edition
I love family and life. That is why news on RH Bill these days, on how the so-called Catholics take the side of those anti-lifers and people giving out condoms on broad daylight (like in Starbucks at Taft Ave.) frustrates and disappoint me. What happened to us, Filipinos? Why did we sell our souls and principles for the sake of a good family name? Juan Dela Cruz, don’t you see it coming?
But I will not stay mum about it. Now that the fight for life is in heat, and the Catholic Church branded as the “worse religion”, how can I stay quiet on what I value the most?
I will stand for what is right. I will defend the importance of life, together with my community and other pro-lifers. Our steps maybe small as of the moment, but the good will always prevail in the end. As long as we are fighting for what is good, for what is of God’s, then we know that we will win this battle. We just have to be firm and steadfast in our calling to protect the culture of life! 
*   *   *
And I admire the kids who participated in the March for Life last Saturday at Tiendesitas, Pasig City. At their young age, they were able to understand the meaning and importance of family and life and how to preserve and love it. A lot of hindrances happened that morning (even to the point of cancelling the march), but the Lord didn’t allow it. After explaining to them what and why it should happen, the kids happily march with their placards while shouting WE LOVE LIFE! Some joggers and employees from a call center saw us and was shocked that kids are marching early that morning just to send out the message that, you adults should give us importance. Let us live. Let us enjoy this gift of life, the way God has designed us to be. It made me more teary-eyed when a kid told me “Alam mo ate, dapat nga lahat ng bata nagbi-birthday kasi bigay yun ni Lord di ba?” talking about his placard that says Everybody deserves a birthday.
If this kid appreciates the importance of life, how much more is expected from us, adults? 
and the kids have spoken

statements used during the march

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