>10 things I hate about you


I was able to watch this movie last Saturday after I came home from Pililia. I was looking for a chick flick to watch to relax and found this. I know it is an old movie. But I’m not a fan of Hollywood movies, and this is one of those I missed (among many).

I will not write a movie review on this coz I know I’m not good with it. But there’s something with this movie that made me stick to it till the end. Normally, I always end up sleeping or doing something when watching an English movie. But this? I was glued until the very end.

I found myself crying a bucket of tears while watching the part where Kat (Julia Stiles) found out that Pat (Heath Ledger) was paid to date her. It’s not because I had the same experience, but I just felt how awful it must be in that kind of situation – that after a long time of closing your doors, here he was out of nowhere, found out that you had a lot in common, enjoyed the company of each other and you thought that ‘this is it’. Then suddenly you’ll find out that it was just a lie, when you feel that it was all real.
*   *   *
We kinda get a long well together – same food, interests, hobbies, ideas… even with childhood memories too. When we’re together, it’s like the world stops and it’s just us – talking, laughing, eating, bumming around, singing, dancing (sometimes), dreaming… – it’s just too… ideal? perfect?  too good to be true?

We enjoyed long walks and antiques; long bus rides and sweets; taking photos and kids. Phone calls, hang-outs and even a promise of going out when we see each other again. But *poof*. It’s… I don’t know how to call it – gone? Maybe. Sometimes I wonder if these things really happened, if HE really happened. Probably I enjoyed too much? Or showed him that i’m not interested?

I do have a list of 10 things I hate about him (And a dozen more). I still hope to see him again someday. With that smile, that old familiar laugh, and a long moment to chat to make up for the lost times. If it’s just a dream, if he was just a dream, then I’m just happy that I dreamed about it, about him.

Look what movies can do to me. Remembering old love.

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