>… by the dedication of my co-missionaries in serving for the HLI conference despite that it’s already their 4th day, tired with less sleep and yet giving their best smile and effort
… by the speakers who shared their knowledge and expertise that will help the participants defend faith, life and family (though I wasn’t able to hear even one talk…)
… during the Holy Hour. How the whole congregation were praying for the abortionist, for the mothers who killed their babies because of abortion… Having that big merciful heart to pray for your enemies… is really a gift and grace from God.
… by the people who took time, resources and effort just to attend this conference, because they saw its importance in our missionary work of defending life and preserving the families that the Lord has entrusted to us. These passionate individuals – religious, clergy and laity – taught me again to never compromise your faith, your ideals and beliefs about the fight for life, for no one hasn’t win yet the battle with the anti-lifers with compromised beliefs.

I wasn’t able to listen to any talks since we were busy with the Secretariat. But during the Holy Hour, I found myself crying because of being honored in front of God with these people who have the same passion I have in defending life and protecting families… and I thanked God for my Mom and Dad, for choosing to let me live and raise me the way I am right now.

It’s only the first day of the conference, and yet I’m learning a lot that makes me fall more in love with God and all the things He’s unfolding in front of me. I love life. I love my family. And I love God. And I will do everything just to defend and protect these things that are important to me. Praise God1

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