>I am not a mistake. Neither are you.


I saw this sticker from one of the doors of a government agency. I was with Dad then and I was looking around while waiting for our names to be called. Then I saw this. I was stunned. I looked at my Dad. Did they ever think that either one of us, their children, were a mistake? If they did, they shouldn’t raise us this well.

But whoever thought of this slogan, maybe his parents didn’t raise him well. Maybe he wasn’t loved enough or was abandoned while he was still young. He might have a lot of hurts and bitterness in his heart. he has never appreciated the beauty of life. Nor being in a family. And being loved.

The only mistake a couple can do (i think) is sex before marriage. Unwanted pregnancies emerge because of that. But you don’t blame that to the child. Despite of how he/she is conceived, every child deserves to live a decent life. Mistakes can be forgiven, if the person has repented on it, and everyone deserves a second chance (and many chances, in God’s eyes).

This slogan tells us that for you to have unwanted pregnancy, you should use birth control. It’s encouraging anyone – married couples or not – to have sex anytime since you will be protected from being pregnant. Birth control is not the answer for unwanted pregnancies. It’s being modest and having self-control, waiting for the Sacrament of Marriage to take place before having sex. We’re not even dogs who just go around and have it, whenever we want it. God has created us in his likeness, and gave us reason to use. Have we lost our values and integrity over time???

I am not a mistake. My parents chose me, raised me, loved me, gave me the opportunity to live. I will never be a mistake. And neither are you.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Protectress of the unborn, Pray for us!


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