>going back to some childhood memories


It was last night, during one of my supermarket sprees when I encountered this box again. I can’t help but looked at it, reminiscing some funny childhood memories. I was sharing it with my friend that I was never fed with cerelac before, since it was expensive that time. So, when my youngest cousin was born (and I was 8 years old by that time), I remembered getting some cerelac from the container 2x a day – before I go to school and during merienda – and denying to death while my Lola and Tita (his mom) were wondering who ate it all. Until one day, my Lola caught me by surprise, with the spoon on my mouth and some powdery substance around it. Of course, I got spanked after that, but nevertheless, Cerelac was one of the best baby food that I have ever tasted.

I finally bought one small box and even emailed a  friend who has a habit of eating Gerber during break. He was laughing at me that I finally gave in to the same weirdness after so much denial. Oh well, It’s just one box for some crazy days. And a little hold to my childhood memories. 🙂


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