>I want to be a saint.


St. Meletius of Antioch, Feb. 12
At last, I finally finished my special task for Kuya Cocoi – researched the lives of the saints for the whole month of January and February and make a summary of 2 sentences for each. I do not know a lot of saints, maybe those who are well known, of course. But doing this special task, made me realized that these saints were just ordinary men and women with extraordinary love for the Lord who used their unique gifts and talents for the glory of God.
It was such a wonderful experience reading their lives, for it made you realized how great the Lord is, and that He really works in different ways. I so admire the life of St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, which, I believed should be my patron saint aside from St. Peter (in this matter). Before he entered the religious life, he led a life of fun and party. But another part of him felt empty. And that lead him to search God thru Our Lady of Sorrows. His fun personality brought joy to anyone he met. A very contagious priest, is what they say about him. He is remembered of his smile and happy disposition. Though he died young (only 24 years old), he already served the Lord by giving his all in the vocation he was called for.
St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows
Another remarkable saint was St. Paul Miki, a Japanese Jesuit, whose pursuit to holiness and glorifying the Lord by preaching the Good News while hanging on the cross, led him to death. “Ask Christ to make you happy” is one of his famous line.
St. Paul Miki
Simple, ordinary people who have extreme love for the Lord; not afraid to express this love by preaching the Good News, no matter what it cost… even if it cost them their lives. I pray that I may have the same courage and devotion in proclaiming the Good News of Salvation, just as these saints had, even if I will be rejected, ridiculed and forsaken as a Missionary and a Christian… For the cause of Christ who died for me… I will gladly do it.
*   *   *

I also googled if there is already a St. Kimberly. Seems like there’s none yet, so I may be the first one:

St. Kimberly, patroness of daughters
(minus the pearls and watch)
*special thanks to Kuya Cocoi for this special task 🙂

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