>my 15 simple joys…

>I just thought of writing down the things that make me happy. To remind me that life is beautiful, that God has blessed me with a lot of wonderful things to fill my life. And I think, it’s all worth sharing it.

Simple joys. These are the things (or people) that makes you smile, one way or another. Here is my top 15 (in no particular order):


I don’t know what’s with taho but it is definitely addicting for me. On the way to the office and going home, I always buy taho at the overpass in Megamall. And for some weird reason, it makes my day most especially on those not-so-good-days.
Babies of my co-missionaries
I love kids. They’re adorable. Relieves stress. Makes you feel good about yourself. Reminds you of who you really are. Spontaneous. Unpredictable. And even if sometimes they’re cranky or don’t want to play with you, I just love them. Period.
I grew fond of fruit salads maybe because when I was growing up, fruit salad was always present in every occasion – birthdays, Christmas, weddings, etc. I remember eating 3 small plates of fruit salad during one of my mission trips in Batangas and this left me with LBM the next day. Lesson learned? A small plate of fruit salad a day, keeps the C.R. away.
I was proud of myself when I learned speaking conversational Spanish in less than a month while I was staying Costa Rica. And since then, I have fallen in love with it. I don’t care if I make mistakes sometimes, as long as I can express myself and my listener can understand, i’m okay. I don’t want to forget the language and hopefully can be used again in the future.
5. C.S.I.
Exercise your mind. Practice your detective skills. And learn how to investigate a crime. I love them three: CSI, CSI-NY and CSI-Miami. 
It calms your soul. Unites you with the One who created you. Gives you peace and makes you realized that you are loved, blessed and taken care by God. Frees you from all your bondages because the Lord gives you another chance to salvation once more. This is what I feel when i’m worshiping the Lord. And if I have to do this the rest of my life, just to be with the ONE who claimed this kind of life I have because He gave His life for me… I will do it with a cheerful and grateful heart.
Where I can be me, express my thoughts without the fear of people’s opinions. Oh by the way, I don’t care about them. I only write what I think and feel. And it’s my own journal and blog site, so who cares, right? *wink*
8. Make-up and KFL Girls
my creations: Angel, Joanne and Kuh

I love painting my face. It brings color and life. It enhances your beauty. And I love sharing it with others. Just like with these women who were transformed to glamorous for a moment. I remembered people’s reactions when they saw us – what a transformation, you should go to office like that everyday, you’re beautiful. haha that made me feel proud! And for the KFL girls, through thick and thin, with hormones or none, we stick together, love each other and brings the best out of each other for the kids and for God’s glory.


gallo pinto
Cooking is my therapy. When I was still in Costa Rica, I remembered cooking sinigang at 2 a.m. because I was bothered. Cooking is also my way of saying thank you and I love you to the person I cook for. 
Crosses made of macaroni shells
I’m not a techie person but i’m more of the art attack person. I love to cut, paste, paint and whatever my hands can do to create art. Brings out your individuality, creativity and freedom. 
from Palawan going home
I like going to places, near or far, local or international, by land or air (not the sea though…) It fascinates me to know the history of the places I visit, or the memories that can be created there. The different culture, people, language and food makes travelling more exciting!
Our beloved pet, who was born on K.D.’s birthday (and I was talking to her while Rugged’s mom is giving birth to him). He’s really loyal, even welcomes me when I come home and even waits on me. Very sweet and loves to play with me. My “bantay” when I was alone during the time I was recuperating from my operation last year.


during one of our SFL household in Costa Rica
I learned playing the guitar in November 2007. I patiently studied and was able to learn some chords. But I finally played my first song in front of many people during the SFL Covenant Recollection and our speaker then was our Country head! The 1st song I was able to play was Exodus 15 – my all time favorite worship song. I still don’t have the confidence of playing the guitar, but if it’s needed, I do play.
The joy of being together despite of the fights that we have every now and then among ourselves… It is still the family that we go back to when the world turns its back on you. Simple pero ROCK! is what I can describe my family.

Going to confession and Mass is like taking a bath after you slid on mud and your whole body is covered with it. Just like worship, it refreshes you, makes you clean, blesses you with grace and unites you to your Savior. And that’s what I think is important in our lives.

I had a difficult time choosing which one qualifies for my 15 simple joys. I have a lot, actually. Maybe because I am easily pleased (at times) and I am very much appreciative. Coming up with this list reminded me that there are many things that I should be thankful of. That the world, despite of its chaos and complexities, is beautiful Life’s simple joys are just around us. You just simply need to find them. But I believe that the greatest joy one could ever have is being contented for who you are, how the Lord has created you and using your full potential according to His will and plan in your life. =)


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