>one more chance

>When you give another chance to a person who has hurt you before, be ready also to take the risk of this person hurting you again. and again. and again.
*   *   *
I’m giving another chance to someone once more. I know it’s a risk, after all the hurts and betrayal that happened, who wants to take chance on the possibility of experiencing it again?

Marie once told me that i’m stubborn when it comes on giving another chance to those people who repeatedly hurt and betrayed me. How couldn’t I, if I myself, is given, not only one chance but many more chances by the people I hurt? by the people I love? by my heavenly God? I’m just paying it forward, all the graces and mercy I continuously receive; and if they will hurt me again, i’ll just remember that, a lot of times I also hurt my god but despite of this, He keeps on forgiving me and receiving me once more into His arms. And this, will help me to love this person who has hurt me, again.

I just pray that I won’t get tired of doing this over and over again.


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