>what do you do when you terribly miss someone?


with mom on her last birthday, May 27, 2010
It was me who had the crying bouts over missing Mom last week. One reason why I felt stuck. I missed her terribly. She was a superwoman. She had all the answers. She knows what’s best. And she was the life on our home.
And now, just minutes ago, my brother went up in my room, crying like a little baby because he misses Mom. He wanted to see her. to talk to her. to be with her. And even if I tried my best to comfort him, I know that it wouldn’t change the feeling of loss my brother is feeling at that moment.
So how do you deal with moments like this?
It’s difficult. Sometimes, I just want to pretend she’s out of town, or just living at my sister’s house. But she isn’t. Facing the reality everyday that she’s not with us anymore is difficult; only through God’s grace that we’re able to cope up with the loss.
Speaking to her in prayer and writing in my journal sometimes help. But on those times that I want to hug her, or I need a sound advice or just share my day with her… I don’t know. I just cry, I just pray and ask Mama Mary to embrace me and my family in times like this, and embrace my Mom too for us.
Difficult times. But only God can get us through. In His time, we’ll be fully okay.

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