>celebrate even the small victories!

>just finished cleaning my room. a small victory, maybe, but still it’s a victory! something i have to be thankful for.

so what’s the big deal with cleaning my room?

when i was young, my mom always tells us that our room represents the state of our minds. a clean environment helps you think better. and a cluttered one will make everything worse.

for days now, my room was a total mess. just as how i was.

but yesterday, i got inspired. with an unlikely person and event. it’s not even related to cleaning my room, but it made me think that if this person can still manage to smile despite of the difficult times she’s experiencing right now, why can’t i? then, i started thinking of things that i have to fix in my life so that i can smile again. genuine smile.

then i thought of my room.

i’m not yet finished though, (since i need a day or two to throw some stuffs) but i’m glad i’ve started it already. it is something i’ve been putting off for some quite time now, just like the things (and some issues) that i have to finish. at least, a better-looking room means a better environment to think. and hopefully will take away the emo in me.


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