A new year, a new beginning

It has been four days already since we said goodbye to another year (and decade, for that matter). And it means that as we start a new year, we are given another chance to begin a new “us”!

Aside from doing my usual new year resolutions, goals, dreams-and-whatever-I-may-think-of, I had a new haircut. But this year, I decided to have my hair straight. Look:

It may cost me more than a thousand bucks (ouch!), but hey, I’ve gone through a lot of stress and heartbreak the past year; it’s just right (in my opinion), to pamper myself to start this year (and decade) with a brighter and lighter (hair!) outlook in life. Yes, I want that!

Another ritual is throwing away some good, old stuffs that I have acquired over the year (s) and don’t use or need anymore. For example, I’ve gathered a one-and-a-half sack of old clothes from my closet (and I was amaze that I had A LOT of clothes not in used!) and an almost 6-8 pair of shoes that I haven’t used, slightly used or overused, and had to give it away. WOW! Fiesta for those people who came to our home the past days to ask “pamasko”.

And I got an extra ritual this year – create a new blog. My old blog was full of sad memories – of Mom, of THAT friend of mine, etc. “EMO” blog is what I could describe it. And so, I finally finished fixing this blog, and – WHOALAH! – my new blog is here! Same title but different content. I would try my best to write good thoughts and experiences that may inspire the readers (and even me!).

A new year, a new beginning. A new chance to make up for the bad times and be a better person. Another opportunity to dream again and pursue it, love and be hurt (i hope not anymore!) and to do more – for myself, for my family, for others and for God. Hope this new year will bring us (me) more blessings and gives us a more positive outlook in life. May this year  brings us closer to God and be bolder with our faith. And lastly, may this year be a real manifestation of how true and real our God is in our lives, for “My God is now my strength!” – Isaiah 49:5

Happy 2011 to you and your family! Be very blessed!


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